Crier Recruiting Corner – Introducing 2024 Big Man Luke Bamgboye

The need for frontcourt help is obvious in Providence. Josh Oduro is in his final year of college, and Will McNair Jr. recently departed from the program after seemingly being a Friar for all of 10 days. After this year, the only true bigs on the roster are Rafael Castro, who hasn’t shown he can contribute at the Big East level consistently, and Eli DeLaurier, a promising prospect who reclassified and appears to be a few years away from being Big East ready. While the rest of the roster is flush with talent, there are clear warning signs about the frontcourt that need to be addressed in both quantity and quality.

It is almost a certainty that English will look after this year to replenish the roster with a transfer big in the portal that can play Day 1 while also landing a 2024 big man to develop for the future alongside DeLaurier.

Enter Bamgboye. The 6’10 post player from Compass Prep in Arizona is coming off a visit to Friartown this past weekend, with Kim English likely making clear the path to early playing time in the post.

Below, we break down the recruitment of Bamgboye, how he would fit in the Kim English system, and where PC stands with landing the bouncy frontcourt player.

Analyzing His Recruitment

Bamgboye is a 3 star, Top 150 player according to 247. His other offers include some high major programs such as Houston, Iowa, Maryland, and Miami.

Analyzing His Game

His length is the first thing that jumped out to me. He has to build out his frame and add muscle, sure, but the raw tools he has to work with make him a very intriguing prospect. Bamgboye is 6’10, but possesses a 7’2 wingspan with a 37 inch vertical. His wingspan is clearly an asset, which is why he’s so valuable as a rim protector on the defensive end. In tapes and highlight reels, you’ll see his arms extend below his knees. The length and athleticism is something you cannot coach into a player. You either have that or you don’t. Bamgboye has that.

He’ll be a shot blocker in college, but will get bullied a bit in the paint his first few years in college. Asking him to be a post defender in a half-court set isn’t a recipe for success at this juncture in his career.

His weight is listed below 200 pounds, which is hard to fathom as a 6’10 forward. He’ll need to bulk up and add lean muscle to become a 6’10, 225 pound springy frontcourt player. This is why it is imperative that, should Providence land Bamgboye, they find a portal college center who can be a starter for a minimum of one year and ideally two-three years. Bamgboye and DeLaurier both need a lot of time to physically develop. Patience is required here because both of these players can be big-time assets once their body catches up to their skillsets.

Bamgboye’s ability to knock down a perimeter shot is impressive. He has a somewhat elongated, slow release, but his release point is high above his head. This allows him to shoot over the top of his defenders. It reminds me a tad of Garrison Brooks when he was at North Carolina and Mississippi State. English wants to have 5 shooters on the court ideally, and Bamgboye has that ability in his toolbox.

2024 Friar Recruiting Class

As of this writing, Providence has a two man recruiting class in DMV point guard Daquan Davis and New England wing Ryan Mela. Eli DeLaurier would have been the 4/5 in this class before reclassifying into 2023. In my ideal world, we land two frontcourt players in the 2024 class.

Bamgboye would be a massive addition because he is a truly talented player. 6’10 guys with wingspans over 7 feet and a 35+ inch vertical don’t grow on trees. Secondly, he fits a need for PC. As mentioned above, I think PC is well stocked at the 1-3 positions for the foreseeable future. The 4 and 5 roster spots scare me, if we are being honest. Bamgboye would check a huge box in the 2024 class.

I’m surprised there aren’t more bigs knocking down English’s door to play for the Friars. We’ll see what happens with this recruitment, but getting him on campus is a massive step for the Friars.

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