2025 Providence College High School Recruiting Primer, Version 2.0

Although the 2025 class won’t enroll in two years, it is never too early to look ahead to future recruiting classes. Kim English in his short time as Providence head coach has been incredibly aggressive offering 2025 prospects.

Below, we list out the 2025 recruits who have either received an offer from Providence or have had Providence show interest. Just like our other recruiting articles, we’ll continue to monitor the offer list and update this article as more offers inevitably come in. One thing that jumps out to me is English’s insistence on offering high level, blue chip talent. He isn’t afraid to go up against the best of the best in recruiting battles. We saw Cooley do that early in his PC career, but that effort somewhat waned in the latter years of his time at Providence.

If you are looking for recruiting articles for the most immediate high school class, we have a robust 2024 High School Recruiting Primer here (Version SIX): https://theprovidencecrier.com/2023/03/27/providence-college-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2024/


Darius Adams – Combo Guard – Manasquan, NJ – 5 Star, Top 25 – https://247sports.com/Player/Darius-Adams-46127781/

Adams is the next great one from Manasquan, a perennial NJ shore basketball powerhouse. Adams will likely be pursued by all the Northeast basketball powers, with home state Rutgers making a strong push.

As somebody who recently spent a Saturday evening at Leggett’s in Manasquan, I approve of this offer.

Kiyan Anthony – Shooting Guard – Christ the King, New York – 4 Star Top 75 – https://247sports.com/Player/Kiyan-Anthony-46135372/

I heard his father could play a bit. And yes, writing about Carmelo’s son means I’m officially old. Cuse will obviously be tough to beat, as will the Johnnies.

Danny Carbuccia – Point Guard – Archbishop Stepinac – 4 Star, Top 50 – https://247sports.com/Player/Danny-Carbuccia-46128732/

Carbuccia comes from prestigious Archbishop Step, which pumps out D1 players on a routine basis. Duke/UNC/St. John’s will be a threat here. Carbuccia was an offer under the prior regime, so we’ll see how hard English pushes for him.

Omarr Smith – Combo Guard from Baltimore, MD

This is a new offer from Coach Kim English and continues a trend of DMV offers in the 2024 and 2025 class.

Myles Blackley – Shooting Guard from Summit, NJ https://247sports.com/Player/Myles-Blackley-46136068/

Summit isn’t a traditional basketball program, which may be why we haven’t seen a lot of high major offers for Blackley. English is likely hoping to get in early here before offers flood in.

Trey McKenney – Combo Guard from Michigan – 4 star Top 50 – https://247sports.com/player/trey-mckenney-46127533/

Any time Nate Oats wants a player, I’m on board. Not sure what the connection is here beyond English offering an elite player.

Derek Dixon – Combo Guard from Gonzaga High in Washington, D.C. – https://247sports.com/player/derek-dixon-46136901/

Another DMV offer where English is in early relative to peers.

Jalen Rougier-Roane – Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. – https://247sports.com/player/jalen-rougier-roane-46136499/

English offered a handful of Sidwell Friends players the moment he was hired. This was one of those offers. Itโ€™s a wise move, given the history of success at this prep program.

Acaden Lewis – Shooting Guard from Sidwell Friends in Washington, D.C. – https://prephoops.com/player/acaden-lewis/

Another Sidwell Friends offer from Kim English. It is apparent he is going to mine the DMV prep talent in a big way.

Nigel James – PG from Cushing Academy/ Expressions Elite

The stock of James is blowing up. He had a fantastic AAU season and is really developing into a national recruit.

Tyler Jackson – PG from Baltimore, MD – https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Tyler-Jackson-159189/RecruitInterests/

This is a recruitment that is typical of a high level DMV recruit. English will have his hands full pursuing Jackson, as Maryland, Houston, Bama, Illinois, and others have offered. English offered while at George Mason, and I expect that interest to continue.

Adrien Stevens – 6’4 Shooting Guard from Maryland

Stevens is not as highly touted as a recruit from others at this point, but his stock is rising. Virginia Tech will be a competitor in this recruitment.

Nyk Lewis – PG from Washington, D.C. (Gonzaga) – 4 Star, Top 75 Playerhttps://247sports.com/player/nyk-lewis-46136675/

Providence is in the thick of things with a few DMV point guards in the 2024 class (Daquan Davis, for one), and English would love to stack DMV point guard talent up in Providence. Lewis was previously recruited by English at George Mason, and he also holds an offer from Georgetown.

Jerry Easter II – 6’5 SG playing for LaLu in Indiana – 4 Star, Top 50 Player – https://247sports.com/player/jerry-easter-46128043/

Playing for a nationally relevant program that produces a handful of high level D1 players a year seems like a wise move for Easter (another great name). He’s getting offers from all programs that traditionally have super physical, pro-ready wings like Tennessee and Florida State. This will be one to monitor.

BJ Davis-Ray – 6’5 Shooting Guard from Missouri – 5 Star, Top 25 Player – https://247sports.com/player/bj-davis-ray-46125422/

English again swinging for the fences. I like that he is offering these kids who play at top tier high school/prep programs, like Davis-Ray does at Link Academy.

Aaron Rowe – 6 Foot PG from Missouri – 5 Star, Top 20 Playerhttps://247sports.com/player/aaron-rowe-46125416/

Rowe and Davis-Ray were offered on the same day. English is working his Missouri recruiting chops from his playing days. These two both play for Link Academy.

Jeremiah Fears – 6 Foot PG from Arizona – https://247sports.com/player/jeremiah-fears-46125648/

This is a recruitment where his offer list doesn’t match his ranking. Fears has offers from PC, Arizona, Illinois, and Iowa.

Meleek Thomas – 6’4 PG from Pennsylvania – 5 Star, Top 10 Player – https://247sports.com/player/meleek-thomas-46134745/

This is the kind of player that plays a year in college basketball and is then a lottery park. Thomas has offers from Alabama, Auburn, Connecticut, Duke, etc. You can’t say English is afraid of going against the heavyweights, that’s for sure.

Darius Acuff Jr. – 6’1 PG from Michigan – https://247sports.com/Player/Darius-Acuff-Jr-46141064/

Acuff Jr. is unranked on 247, but not for long. He holds a plethora of blue chip offers and will be a consensus Top 100 player before long based on scholarship offers alone.

Joson Sanon -6’5 Wing from Vermont – 4 Star Top 50 Recruit – https://247sports.com/player/joson-sanon-46134208/

Sanon is somebody that under the past regime I’d feel better about. Cooley had his recruiting warts, as do all coaches, but he did have some nice inroads with the New England prep scene. We’ll see if English can replicate that. Sanon is an athletic wing that will be pursued by schools nationwide.

Cam Ward – 6’6 Wing from Maryland – 4 Star, Top 75 Recruit – https://247sports.com/player/cam-ward-46134749/

Ward was another May offer from the Providence staff. Get used to hearing about them going head to head with Maryland and Georgetown.


Eric Reibe – 7 Foot Center from Maryland – https://247sports.com/Player/Eric-Reibe-46139349/

The hunt for a true post man continues for PC. Reibe was a May offer for the Friars, and he will be coveted by ACC and Big East schools alike. Maryland, Wake Forest, and Georgetown are the primary competition to date.

Grayson Bennett – 6’8 Forward from Texas

Bennett is an under the radar recruit that recently visited Providence on an unofficial visit. This is likely a name that English and staff will continue to monitor to see how he develops as an upperclassmen.

Cooper Flagg – Forward from Maine – 5 Star Top 10 Player – https://247sports.com/Player/Cooper-Flagg-46129443/

We just all know that Flagg will end up at Duke, right? Regardless, I love the statement this offer makes from English. It shows he isn’t afraid to pursue the best of the best.

Sebastian Wilkins – Forward from Mass Rivals/Lawrence Academy – https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Sebastian-Wilkins-159541/RecruitInterests/ – Unranked

Wilkins comes from the friendly confines of Mass Rivals. If historical trends hold true with this AAU program, his stock will continue to grow as he develops. Rutgers is recruiting him as well, as they are starting to make Mass Rivals a frequent stop.

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