Deep Dive Analysis of 2023 Providence Commit Garwey Dual

Lost amidst the BBQ’s and leisurely pace of the summer months was an under the radar commitment from 2023 combo guard Garwey Dual. This commitment didn’t generate nearly the energy and excitement that it likely should have amongst the Friar fanbase, but make no mistake: this is an instant impact recruit. Dual has burst onto the scene over the past few months, and it appears Cooley and staff uncovered another gem before Dual’s national profile skyrocketed.

Below, we break down the recruitment of Dual, what he brings to the Friars, and where his game translates to the collegiate level.

Player Recruiting Profile

Rivals – 51 Overall, 4 Star Recruit, Listed as 6’5 PG -

247 – 88 Overall, 4 Star Recruit, Listed as 6’5 SG –

247 Composite (Aggregation of Ranking from Major Recruiting Sites) – 65 Overall, 4 Star

Recruiting Competition: TCU, Arizona State, NC State, DePaul, Butler

After reviewing the above, the natural inclination is to ask how a consensus Top 100 recruit flew so under the radar and didn’t have a plethora of high major offers. This again brings me back to my original point about this commitment not generating the buzz a Top 100 commitment traditionally would. The reasoning for this is Dual literally burst onto the scene from anonymity over the past 4 months. Dual, originally coming from Houston, transferred to Carmel, Indiana and played sparingly in high school his junior year. With that came a dearth of recruiting interest. That quickly changed this past spring when AAU season commenced.

While one may be disappointed with the lack of offers and interest, Dual used as a strong Spring AAU circuit to begin attaining more exposure. From there, his profile has only grown nationally. If Dual didn’t commit to Providence in June, I’d anticipate he would have received a flurry of blue-chip offers this Summer after a stellar showing at the Pangos All American Camp.

Dual took a visit to Providence in the middle of June after receiving an offer in May, connected with the Friar staff instantaneously, and committed to the program shortly after the visit. Dual may be flying under the radar due to his business-like approach to his recruitment. Dual mentioned seeing a fit in Friartown and not needing to extend his recruitment any longer.

This win for the Friars came before he tore up the AAU circuit this summer. Since the commitment, Dual has decided to play his senior year at Southern California Academy, where his game will be tested against national powers. It will give him a chance to raise his recruiting profile. Selfishly, Friar fans should recognize who his new teammates are, notably Rhode Island local Isaiah Miranda and 2023 recruit of interest Drew Fielder. Having Dual in their ear can only help the chances of Providence landing these high major recruits.

Breakdown of Dual’s Game

The first thing I notice about Dual is how effortlessly he attacks in the open floor. He seems to play best in transition, utilizing his length and fluidity to have acrobatic finishes at the rim. What caught my eye is that in transition he doesn’t have tunnel vision in an attempt to “get his” and score, but rather is a willing and able passer. He is a facilitator, which is rare to see in a 6’5 guard coming out of high school. His handle caught me completely by surprise as well, as I didn’t anticipate such an advanced skill set for a guard of his size.

At this point, I see Dual more as an effective scorer at the rim than traditional 2-guard scoring from the wing. That will develop in time in college, but he appears to lean more on his physical traits to allow him to score when attacking downhill rather than from the perimeter.

Dual’s impact Year 1 in Providence is likely going to be on defense. Cooley loves those long, wiry backcourt defenders who can clog up the passing lanes, deflect passes, and force turnovers. Dual has stated he wants to guard the opposing team’s best player, which is music to Friartown’s ears.

For his game to take the next step, I see two things that jump out at me: continued development in the weight room and improvement in his jump shot. He is listed at 6’5 and 175 lbs, and he’ll need to put on some muscle to handle the rigors of the Big East. The ability to knock down shots from deep isn’t necessarily a weakness at this point, but it appears he leans more on driving to the rim rather than settling for jumpers. If he can become a weapon from the perimeter, Dual becomes a complete backcourt player offensively.

Player Comp

I teased this in a tweet about Dual reminding me of a certain Friar legend who was plus sized as a guard and a menace defensively, but comparing Dual to Kris Dunn likely isn’t fair to either player. Dual does have the length of Dunn, but I don’t think you can at this juncture compare their athleticism. Dunn was a freak of nature athletically and had the quickness and explosiveness that is truly rare in a player at his position.

I think the more accurate comp, and I am terrified to admit this, is Brandon Austin. Austin was another long combo guard who committed and enrolled to Providence. He was also a consensus Top 100 recruit. Austin likely would have had a storied career at PC if not for off the court problems. When watching Dual’s game, this is who he reminds me of ON THE COURT.


While there probably wasn’t as much jubilation around this commitment as there should have been, the end result remains the same. Providence landed a stud backcourt player that is still very raw and developing, which is a scary thought. It will be fun to watch his development his senior year. If he continues to play at the level he is currently playing at, it wouldn’t shock me to see him get 5 star consideration. It is pretty incredible how meteoric his rise has been.

In college, I envision him playing a niche role as a defensive stopper as a freshman and ultimately rounding into a dominant player in his Junior year. If his game continues to progress, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him be a 10-15 point, 5-7 assist, and 2-3 steal a game player. He’ll be a triple double watch type player as an upperclassmen.

What a way to kick-off the 2023 recruiting class for Cooley & Company. The Sweet 16 Berth is already paying dividends.

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