About the Providence Crier

Mission Statement: The Providence Crier is a site and blog that covers all things Providence College Friar basketball. From game analysis to recruiting coverage, we aim to provide insight and details on all facets of the Providence men’s basketball team.

We are independent and unaffiliated with the school, which allows us to provide a truly unbiased perspective on the team and program (for better or worse).

Mike Surette is the founder of the blog and graduated from Providence College in 2012. During his time at PC, he worked with the men’s basketball team. Mike helped out at practice, summer basketball camp, and promotional events at the games. Mike worked for the team during the entire Keno Davis Era and then in his senior year in a much more limited capacity with the Ed Cooley staff. Ever since he stepped foot (or walker) on the PC campus his freshman year, he has bled the Friar Black and White. Through only 9 years of Friar fandom, Mike has experienced plenty of the Good (2014 Big East title, 2016 buzzer beater to beat USC), the Bad (the 12-19 2009-10 campaign, Keno’s departure) and the Ugly (when he got kicked out of MSG AFTER winning said 2014 Big East title).

Mike proudly proclaims that although he is listed at 4 feet tall, he has a larger than life passion for the Friars .

The Providence Crier aims to provide readers with opinions and analysis of the Providence College men’s basketball and other topics around college basketball as well.

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