Friar Fridays – New Offers, Competition for Recruits, and Insight into Current Roster

In case you missed it:

Recap of interview with Bob Driscoll and Coach Ed Cooley:

In-Depth Piece on new PG offer Breon Pass:

Big East Players Returning for Next Year

Creighton’s Denzel Mahoney and Damien Jefferson announced they are both returning next year, instead of going professional. I doubt either would have been drafted, so this is a logical decision. Regardless, they are strong college players. This makes Creighton a definite top 15 squad nationally and will battle with Villanova for top Big East squad.

Seton Hall’s Sandro Mamu also decided to return. I actually think with his versatility he could have gone early in the second round of the draft. With his return, he will be in contention for Big East Player of the Year and will help Seton Hall remain in the upper echelon of the Big East as they prepare for life after Myles Powell.

It’s always nice to see players return, as it will make competition in the Big East that much better.

New Point Guard Offer – Breon Pass

Providence recently offered North Carolina point guard Breon Pass. I am on board with this offer solely for his name alone. Providence beat writers will have a field day with his name in the headlines.

I was curious about the timing of the offer, given our pursuit of Virginia PG Darius Johnson. After thinking it through, this could be a Battle identification of a North Carolina player that could take the reins from Jared Bynum once his time is up in Providence.

The late offer may also be due to Pass being a two-sport star. As we all know, Providence doesn’t have a football team, so we may have held off on an offer to understand his true intentions for college. This was made clear when he made it public earlier this summer that he will exclusively pursue basketball in college.

With that declaration, I think it vastly helps Providence’s chances when going up against a Georgia Tech, for instance, in his recruitment.

Regardless of the timing, I like seeing other offers go out to Point Guards.

Darius Johnson has Eye-Opening Performance

Speaking of Darius Johnson, he had a fantastic performance over the weekend. Many national recruiting journalists mentioned that DJ should be bumped up in the rankings. As an Unranked 3 star, several are now pushing for him to be squarely in the Top 150. I expect his recruitment to heat up considerably.

Ayomide Offered by Kansas

Well…this recruitment just got interesting. Kansas, known for offering 500 players a year and seemingly everybody in the Top 100, offered 7 foot big man from Pennsylvania Sam Ayomide.

The Crier made a comparison to Joel Embiid when writing about Ayomide (, so clearly Bill Self read said article and decided to throw his hat in the ring with an offer.

We’ll see how serious they are about his offer, but it goes to show Providence’s staff has the ability to identify talent before the blue bloods get involved.

Eric Van Der Heijden chooses Louisville

No surprise here. The formula this recruiting cycle has been as follows: Providence gets in early on a Mid-Atlantic recruit – Louisville offers later on – Louisville lands said recruit – Friar fans stomp their feet in anger.

At this point, let’s just schedule a home and home with Chris Mack and take it to the Cardinals.

Crier Responds to Hoya Troll

It is no surprise that Providence has had a rough go of things on the recruiting trail this cycle. We wrote about it here:

A Hoya account trolled Providence on Twitter, and The Crier properly ended him.

Friendly reminder that the following Georgetown players are playing at the following schools:

Mac McClung – Texas Tech

James Akinjo – Arizona

Josh LeBlanc – LSU

That hurts. Enjoy the basement, Georgetown.

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