Recap: Facebook Interview with Cooley and Driscoll

Moderated by Bob Walsh, this was a fireside type chat with AD Driscoll and Head Coach Ed Cooley on all things Providence basketball.

A lot of the talking points were similar to the podcast with Rothstein, but it was interesting to hear from Driscoll. Also, there were some revealing insights discussed below (UCONN and Recruiting, Potential downsides to Ruane, for example).

General Talking Points Before Questions

⁃ Driscoll hasn’t seen Cooley in 141 days

⁃ Team is coming back throughout month of August – Cooley happy they didn’t bring team back early

⁃ When discussing cancel of BET, Cooley was disappointed because he thought they were hottest team in country and favorites to win BET

What can we expect from Jared Bynum?

⁃ Tough

⁃ Table setter, general on the court

⁃ Can score at 3 different levels

⁃ What separates him is his ability to communicate on the court – he will be an extension of the coaching staff on the court

What can we expect from Noah Horchler

⁃ Production guy who will be prolific scoring option

⁃ Good touch around rim and great second leaper (similar to Kalif)

Who do we need to see make biggest jump to compete and be at top of Big East

⁃ First mentioned AJ Reeves – thinks this year will be his coming out party

⁃ Then mentioned Jimmy Nichols and Greg Gantt after

UCONN in Big East

⁃ The goal is to be the best conference in nation and adding UConn does this

⁃ Both Driscoll and Cooley mentioned adding them makes it harder to recruit, but it is a net positive. (I was surprised to hear them mention this, but can appreciate the candor).

Ruane Development Center

⁃ While everybody focuses on Ruane’s impact to recruiting, it really impacts the current players on campus.

⁃ They have everything they need – doors open 24/7, weight room, recovery lab, players lounge, sleep pods, float tank, massages, practice courts

⁃ Driscoll and Cooley both mentioned the potential downsides to having this – it may make team soft and not as gritty/tough.

⁃ It may also attract the wrong type of player/recruit

Jyare Davis and Allyn Breed

⁃ Jyare: versatility, great size and bigger than you think

⁃ Breed: combo guard, tough defender

Recruiting philosophy this year

⁃ Goal is to add two frontcourt players and one guard

⁃ Lack of on campus visits and in person connection has made selling PC more difficult

⁃ Cooley is skeptical of official visits happening this year

What players improved most in their career at Providence as athletes and young men

⁃ Cooley: LaDontae Henton first mentioned, followed by Cartwright and Nate Watson

⁃ Driscoll: Bryce Cotton

Goodine and Croswell

⁃ Croswell: will definitely be sitting out this year, great rebounder especially offensively, very physical

⁃ Goodine: local kid who is a superior athlete and will develop into an elite shooter and defender. Didn’t mention sitting out so I presume they are petitioning to get him to play this year.

Remaining scholarship

⁃ Always be recruiting – anecdote about adding Dudley at BC on 8/27

– If they can’t add anybody this year, use it for next recruiting class.

If you like to watch yourself here it is!


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