Crier Recruiting Corner – Introducing 2024 Wing Isaiah Abraham

Kim English has had a heck of a start with his 2024 recruiting class, landing Baltimore point guard Daquan Davis. English is looking to build upon this momentum to get 2024 4 Star wing Isaiah Abraham also in the fold. Abraham hails from the DMV powerhouse Paul VI and is a name that has bubbled up to the top of the recruiting board as English looks to further ingrain Providence into the hotbed that is DMV prep basketball.

Below, we provide an overview of Abraham’s recruitment to date, his game, and how he’d fit within the Friar program.

Isaiah Abraham Recruiting Profile

Abraham is listed as a 4 star, Top 100 player on 247. His composite ranking is that of the 107th player nationally, 22nd Power Forward, and 5th in the State of Virginia. Abraham is 6’7, 195lb springy wing. I’m surprised 247 lists him as a power forward, as I’d classify him as a traditional wing with explosiveness to his game.

Abraham recently listed out a Final 4 schools of Virginia Tech, Marquette, Connecticut, and Providence. Each school has a lot going for it.

Marquette recently had a similar player go in the first round in O-Max Prosper, and I’m sure Shaka Smart is hammering home that fact. Abraham’s dad also played at Marquette in the 90’s.

Connecticut can appeal to playing for a national championship contender. Also, I’m sure Hurley is making some comparisons to former Husky Andre Jackson. Abraham may not be quite the athlete as Jackson, but does possess a better jumper. If you look hard enough, you can see the comparison.

Virginia Tech is the “local” school, and they can sell Abraham on being the centerpiece of the program likely more than he would be at each of the other schools.

For Providence, the pitch is multi-faceted. Abraham is familiar with Coach Kim English from his time at George Mason. English can also sell Abraham on developing into an NBA player like he did. Bryce Hopkins should put up All-American type numbers this upcoming year, and English can point to a similar role playing that 3/4 hybrid position. Lastly, English can point to other DMV players coming to Providence, such as Daquan Davis, as well as some of his Paul VI teammates in Ngonba and Sundra that are being recruited.

Scouting Abraham’s Game

Abraham is the modern wing that oozes athleticism, plays above the rim, and fits into the “position-less” style of basketball that is so prevalent these days. You don’t know whether to classify him as a 3 or 4 offensively, and that is meant to serve as a compliment to Abraham. He is a high flyer that is a terror in the open court. With all that said, he is still highly effective in a half-court set where he can knock down a mid-range jumper and stroke it from deep.

Defensively, he can guard the 2-4. This is the type of guy that has the athleticism to be a lockdown wing defender, while also playing some small-ball front court defense.

These are the type of wings that you see at the blue blood programs like a Kansas and Kentucky. Christian Braun, Jalen Wilson, Andre Jackson, Chris Livingston, etc. Top programs stack these wing players so that you really cannot differentiate between the 2-4 on the floor. That versatility is a weapon that not many teams can deploy. Adding a player like Abraham gets you closer to that goal.

Isaiah Abraham & Friar Program Fit

After this year, there is a chance that Bryce Hopkins and Devin Carter are both League bound. Ticket Gaines will have used his final year of eligibility and will not be on the roster. There will be ample playing time at the 2-4 spot in 2024 and beyond, and I’m hopeful English is positioning early playing time. Abraham’s main competition for playing time will likely come from an assortment of the following players:

Rich Barron, Corey Floyd Jr., Justyn Fernandez, Donovan Santoro

None of the above players have BOTH the physical measurables AND athleticism that Abraham possesses. I doubt he’d start Day 1, but I do believe he’d be getting 15 minutes a game easily. His versatility will allow him to play the 3 and 4 spots from the moment he arrives on campus.


I need to do some more homework on this recruitment before I give a prediction, but it feels like a race between three Big East teams with Virginia Tech on the outside looking in.

Marquette has the most going for it at this point, but they already have a 4 star SF and PF committed in the 2024 class. Is there room at the inn for Abraham?

UConn is always going to be a threat, but it appears they have some ground to make-up. With all that said, the history and recent success of the program and players with a similar profile (Jackson) shouldn’t be discredited. Hurley can recruit with the best of the bunch.

As I’ve stated above, Providence has a ton going for it: Familiarity to Coach English, Early Playing Time, Development to get to NBA, Peers/Friends Going to and Interested in PC.

If Providence can land Abraham, they have further cemented themselves as a team to watch in the DMV area. A duo of Davis and Abraham would be a heck of a start to the 2024 class and would increase the likelihood of bigs like Queen, Sundra, and Ngonba joining the fold. Momentum is a real thing in recruiting.

Abraham will likely make a commitment this summer so he can lock down his recruitment and focus on his senior year.

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