Latest Rivals Top 150 – Friar Targets Make Moves & Recruiting Predictions

Yesterday released their latest Rivals Top-150 for the Class of 2021. The Friars have several top recruiting targets make the latest cut. So lets take a quick look at those targets and where they stand with PC.

Things of Note

  • Legend Geeter, the Friars first commitment of the 2021 class, did not make Rivals latest top 150 rankings; however, he did see a rise in his rating as he is now the 31st rated PF. Other players not included on the list that the Friars are actively involved with are North Carolina natives Breon Pass and Kuluel Mading .
  • Bryce Hopkins, the highest rated player PC is involved with, saw his rating rise 4 spots to #30. While he may be considered a long shot, Kentucky could be pursuing higher rated players (must be nice). The longer this recruitment drags out, the better the chances are for PC.
  • Samuel Ayomide (#103), Jonas Aidoo (#104), Darius Johnson (#106) and Rafael Castro (#136) round out the Top-150 for PC targets. Ayomide and Aidoo are particularly notable, as they were not this highly ranked when Cooley offered.

With the recruiting rankings updated on Rivals, it may be worth revisiting who we think will be next to join the fold in the 2021 class:

Bryce Hopkins #30 6-6 250 SF

Released a Top-9 8/30 of Illinois, Indiana, Cal, Oregon, Iowa St, Texas, Michigan, Kentucky and PC.

Deep dive on his recruitment:

Crier Confidence Meter- 4- Listen I know its a long shot but I’m saying there’s a chance.

BOC Confidence Meter – 3 – We are probably in a better chance than this ranking indicates, but until we win a battle over Coach Cal, I can’t go much higher.

Samuel Ayomide # 103 6-11 250 C

Was one of the highest risers in the latest reveal of the rankings but appears to be in no rush to make a decision, as he has yet to release any lists.

It would be great to the Friars to land the successor to Nate Watson in Ayomide:

Crier Confidence Meter- 3- It seems like Kansas, Memphis and Seton Hall have a leg up on the Friars.

BOC Confidence Meter – 5 – I’m a bit more optimistic here. We’ll see what happens.

Jonas Aidoo #104 7-0 215 C

He is continuing to rack up the offers with Wake Forest, Western Kentucky and Georgia the latest to come calling. No word yet on him making a top list.

Analysis on Aidoo, who rocketed onto the scene with a big AAU weekend:

Crier Confidence Meter-5- PC has been involved for awhile but him getting more offers only hurts our chances.

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – We were one of the earlier high major offers. Couple that with our North Carolina recruiting presence, and we may be in a good position to land this ascending big man.

Darius Johnson #106 6-0 182 PG

PC made his final 3 on 8/21 and he announced that he will be making his decision October 1st. UCF seemed to be the favorite because his father is on staff but he has said that won’t be a factor.

We analyzed his final 3 schools here:

Crier Confidence Meter-6- If you remember I had this as 7 on one of our prior articles, UCF does scare me but I’m not going to lose all hope.

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – Will side with Crier on this one. Seeing Crystal Balls roll in for DJ for UCF doesn’t help my confidence.

Raphael Castro #136 6-9 195 PF

Plans on releasing his top-3 on Saturday the 19th. It remains to be seen if PC will make it.

Crier Confidence Meter-2- It is more so that I have no idea about this player’s recruitment. No clue any team of his that will make it, let alone if the Friars will.

BOC Confidence Meter – 3 – Similar sentiments as Crier.

Breon Pass NR 6-0 175 PG

On 9/6 Pass released his top-4 as PC, Georgia Tech, ECU and NC State remain for his services. Twenty days later he will announce his college decision.

Crier Confidence Meter-5- While the experts seem to be saying he will stay home at NC State, I’m under the impression that PC is still very much in it.

BOC Confidence Meter – 4 – I wish I was more optimistic here, but I think the local state school wins out. He is close with a few players on the team, and that will help as well.

Kuluel Mading NR 6-9 190 PF

On 8/28 Mading released a top-8 that included Clemson UNCG, Howard, PC, VCU, NC Central, ECU and Tulsa

Crier Confidence Meter-8- Im bullish on Mading coming to PC just because of the competition. Outside of Clemson, the Friars is the only program that would offer him visibility from a television standpoint.

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – If this question was asked of me about 3 weeks ago, I probably would have put this as an 8 or 9. Something is holding him back from becoming a Friar.

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