PC Recruiting – Who is Next?

With Legend Geeter’s commitment to the Friars, we take a look at who is likely next to join the fold in the 2021 recruiting class.

Breon Pass – Pass and Johnson both know there is one spot remaining in the Providence 2021 class for a point guard. Whomever jumps on board first gets that spot. We wrote about this exact topic last week (https://theprovidencecrier.com/2020/09/06/in-search-for-a-pg-darius-johnson-or-breon-pass/#more-2545), and I bet a Geeter commitment puts more pressure on the two of them to make a decision, especially as both are fond of the Friars.

Jeff Battle has done a splendid job creating a Friar recruiting presence in North Carolina. Even with the recent misses in Carolina, Providence has embedded the program in North Carolina and, recruits are familiar with the message Cooley and staff are selling.

Pass also plays alongside Pettiford Jr. in the AAU circuit. With Providence finishing second to Louisville in his recruitment, you know Pettiford has good things to say about the program.

Lastly, there is a need for a successor to Bynum on the roster. Pass could learn under Bynum for 2 years and then walk into the starting PG spot as a junior. Immediate minutes as a freshman and sophomore leading to a starting spot as a junior and senior has to be appealing.

Pass will be choosing his school on September 26th. Although Pass listed a top 4, I think this recruitment comes down to staying home in North Carolina and playing for the Wolfpack of NC State or becoming the next PG for the Friars.

Darius Johnson – Johnson is the second PG recruit holding an offer in the 2021 class. The Friars have done an excellent job with this recruitment, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see DJ pledge for the Friars soon.

The Friars are in Johnson’s top 3 alongside UCF, whom he has family connections, and Alabama. Providence also has a good presence in the DMV area, so it will likely be a choice of family versus fit.

The Friars would be lucky to land either of these PG recruits, as they’ll both likely be multi-year starters.

Kuluel Mading – It is ironic that we list Mading here now, as he was the perceived leader in the clubhouse when it came to first 2021 commit. Things have slowed a bit, but the interest in Providence certainly has not. Providence will look to pair another frontcourt member with Geeter, and I think Mading would be a nice piece to add to the class. While Geeter is the smaller, more physical frontcourt player, Mading is the long, rim running big man.

Mading released a final grouping of schools, and Providence likely is the most well known of all those basketball schools, so I like our chances here.


I don’t think these recruits are as close to deciding as the two listed above, nor do I think the Friars are the perceived leaders, but crazier things have transpired.

Lucas Taylor – We haven’t heard as much about Taylor recently, but his interest is very sincere with the Providence program. My gut tells me Taylor holds off on a commitment until he gets clarity on where he stands with UNC (Roy Williams has spoken with Taylor and watched him closely, but no offer has been extended).

Sam Ayomide/Jonas Aidoo – Similar to the scenario I presented above with Pass and Johnson, Cooley may tell these two bigs he only has spot for one more big man now that Geeter is in the fold. It’s a great position to be in if you are Cooley.

Bryce Hopkins – If the Friars land Hopkins, does this take away the sting of losing Pettiford, Wiznitzer, and EVDH to Louisville? I doubt it, but landing a former Louisville pledge would soften the blow. Hopkins is definitely a long shot for the Friars at this juncture, but he has already had a Zoom meeting with the staff. Kentucky is the perceived leader as of this publication.

It may have taken some time to land a commitment, but I anticipate we’ll see one more pledge before the close of September.

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