In Search of a Big, Part 2: Friars Offer Jonas Aidoo

The Crier and I wrote approximately a month ago about Sam Ayomide ( and how he may be the successor to Nate Watson at the 5 spot. While Ayomide rightly continues to enjoy the recruiting experience, the Providence staff has stayed busy scouring the earth for their next big man.

Over this past weekend at the Big Shots National Tournament, the Friars extended a scholarship offer to 2021 big man from North Carolina Jonas Aidoo. Aidoo’s recruitment seems to have blown up over the weekend, earning scholarship offers from Virginia Tech, Clemson, Houston and Wichita State as well.

Overview of His Game

Aidoo is a skilled 7 foot big man who can clearly run the floor. From watching some game film on him, he clearly isn’t your traditional big, as he appears to prefer to play on the perimeter. He can knock down shots with relative ease, and his height and length allow him to create and make shots even when contested.

Defensively, he uses his length to block and alter shots. I wouldn’t describe him as overly athletic or explosive, but he is that new breed of big man who can run the floor, knock down perimeter shots, and feel comfortable beyond the low block.

Recruiting Impact

Kuluel Mading, a North Carolina native who we are also recruiting for the front court, seemed really excited about this offer for Aidoo, tweeting about it when it was announced.

I won’t try to decipher the meaning behind that tweet, but the bottom line is Friar fans would be ecstatic with an All North Carolina front court of Mading and Aidoo. It would also shut me up if we were to land two talents from in the backyard of many ACC programs. I’d love to eat my words here.

Offer Implications

This offer reiterates that Cooley and Staff are aware they have significant front court needs after Horchler and Watson leave the program this year. Landing two front court players this year will help remedy the depth concerns, as LaSalle transfer Ed Croswell should hold one of the starting 4/5 spots in 2021-2022.

There are minutes to be had for these big man recruits, and I’m curious to see who jumps on board first. Whomever decides to come into the fold is likely guaranteed 15 minutes a game, at worst. Even if we were to roll out a line-up that looks like Bynum, Duke, Reeves, Gantt, Croswell, a freshman big would likely see time as the back-up to Croswell while potentially also spelling whomever is starting at the 4 spot.

There’s also the very real possibility that whomever we land in the front court starts immediately as a true freshman. You could see Cooley slide Croswell to the 4 spot and insert the freshman as the starting 5. It’s a great position for a recruit to be in, and I’m sure Cooley and Staff are selling this to all big man recruits.

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