In Search for a PG- Darius Johnson or Breon Pass?

Breon Pass announced on Sunday a Final 4 list of schools including NC State, Georgia Tech, East Carolina and the Friars. Pass now is one of two point guards to currently have PC as a finalist, the other being Episcopal’s Darius Johnson. With three open spots PC will likely only take a commitment from one of them. So this begs the question, which one do you want?

We have already broken down the game of each player in previous articles.

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The skinny is that each player brings their own unique skill set. With Breon Pass the athleticism stands out, as he is a multi-sport athlete who held many D1 offers to play WR. Darius Johnson is more of a pure PG that plays downhill and has a better shooting stroke. While I think Pass may have the higher ceiling, now that he has focused solely on hoops, but I’d be happy with either player.

The harsh reality is that PC may not be the front runner for either prospect. For PC people are saying that hometown NC St are the leaders for his services. It does make sense for Pass considering he could still have football in the back of his mind as an alternative. On Twitter I’ve come across this gif countless occasions.

Now first off I’d like to preface by saying I’m a big Kevin Keatts guy. I thought he did a masterful job as UNC Wilmington with Devontae Cacock and current NC State player CJ Brice. Also thought it was a great move for NC State after moving on from the debacle that was Mark Gottfried. But if you have to refer yourself in the third person to announce that you are a winner in a press conference, are you really a winner? In his two year run in Fayetteville so far has been a bit underwhelming. Having said that I can see him picking the Wolfpack and would respect it.

As for Darius Johnson, PC’s main competition seems to be UCF as his father is on the staff. Darius has a brother Xavier that plays at George Mason, however it’s unclear if he turned down an opportunity to play with his dad at UCF.

Either way PC has a good chance to land either of these guys and at this point it may be critical to get one of the two. Again both players will be good gets and it’s really just personal presence at this point. It will be interesting to see who is the next PG in the wings in Friartown.

– The Crier

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