Legend Geeter Picks the Friars – Deep Dive Analysis

Legend Geeter, the 6’8 hybrid forward from Michigan, committed to Ed Cooley and the Providence Friars. With his commitment, Providence gets their first commitment of the 2021 class.

The long wait is over!

Providence won this recruiting battle over Western Michigan, Duquesne, Missouri and Georgetown. While this may not be the 4 star, top 100 type recruit fans fawn over, Geeter is a perfect fit for an Ed Cooley team.

Player Overview/Analysis


Geeter fits the Ed Cooley mold of an undersized big man that lacks height and size, but makes up for it with heart and tenacity on the court. While only being 6’8, Geeter operates extremely well in the post and rebounds at an above average rate for his size. When watching some film, his footwork in the post is advanced for somebody his age. Think about how many buckets Diallo got around the rim despite being several inches shorter than the majority of players around him.

The best asset for Geeter will be his inside-out versatility and grit he brings to the court that former Friars were known for (Henton, Diallo, Cartwright, etc.). He can be quicker than your stereotypical 4, beating that man off the dribble while at the same time outmuscling a smaller 3 man. He will be a Swiss Army knife, which has been a hallmark of Ed Cooley’s teams.

Legend is also a great passer. He can step out to three point line and facilitate the offensive sets, which is rare for a person at his size and position. The movement to basketball being positionless is upon us, and Geeter fits that mold of a modern player due to his ability to step outside the paint, dribble and drive, and distribute when needed. You won’t find him exclusively anchored in the post.

Defensively, he will use his energy to deflect passes, get help side blocks, and get his hands on the ball when offensive players possess the ball.

Player Comparison

PC: Mix of LaDontae Henton and Alpha Diallo

NBA: Khris Middleton

Areas of Improvement

Geeter will likely need a year or two in a college strength and conditioning program before he can make a noticeable impact in the Big East. He can outphysical his opponents at the Prep level, but may need to add some weight and muscle to have a similar effect in the Big East.

His shot from film seems to have good form to it, but until I see him in a college game, that is something that likely needs to be improved and become more consistent.

How He Fits on Roster

Coach Ed Cooley said he is targeting two frontcourt players and one guard in the 2021 class. This commitment is nice start. With the college game pivoting away from having two true big men on the court at all times, Geeter offers versatility in that he can play on the perimeter while also having the ability to get rebounds and finish around the rim.

With Watson and Horchler graduating, there is an absolute need for an influx of players in the frontcourt on the roster. If Cooley can pair Geeter with more of a true big in the 2021 class (think Ayomide or Aidoo), it helps fill a huge need in the frontcourt. The 2021-2022 roster, as of today, will only have LaSalle transfer Ed Croswell, redshirt Junior Jimmy Nichols, and 6’8 hybrid forward Greg Gantt. The Friars can get away with playing a small ball line-up against most opponents, but if you look back on past NCAA losses to UNC, USC, and Texas A&M, the lack of size was a huge factor in those losses.


Providence is finally on the board with a recruit, which should ease the nerves of the Providence faithful. Geeter will help the frontcourt, offer versatility, and increase the toughness of the PC roster.

Do not overlook that the two primary state schools, Michigan and Michigan State, passed on him. Geeter will come in with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, a common theme with Cooley recruits. He may not be a Day 1 starter, but he is a foundational type recruit that will impact the Providence team as an upperclassmen. If Cooley can land these type of recruits consistently, it will allow Providence to “stay old” and remain competitive in the Big East.

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  1. Great news….you tend to be very cautious with this player. He’lltake one to two years to physically get ready for big East play!
    Don’t judge his ability because Michigan or Michigan State didn’t recruit him. If he’s being compared to alpha and ladonte now, he’ll be ready sooner than you think

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