The Friars Mystery Man- Kris Monroe

While awaiting the 2020 NBA Draft to finally (literally) start, thought I could get a quick piece out for you all. Ed Cooley had his radio show this evening and while I did not listen, I heard Cooley was really impressed with Kris Monroe. The Friars 2019 recruiting class was headlined by David Duke Jr and AJ Reeves and for good reason but Monroe and Jimmy Nichols rounded out the 4-man class. Two years in we have seen what Duke and Reeves can do, we even saw flashes of what Jimmy Nichols could bring but Monroe appears to be the mystery. In two years he has only played a total of 121 minutes and 30 total points over that time, mainly in “garbage time”.

It is not a total surprise that Monroe has yet to crack the rotation and made an impact. He was rated the 325th prospect in 2019 from 247sports, so Cooley and Co knew he’d need time. So why is Cooley impressed with Monroe? Just take a look at this workout he had over the summer.

Where is Kris Monroe and who the hell is this guy? Monroe coming from Raleigh, NC was hailed as a shooter but as you can see in this video he has improved his handle, is overall offensive arsenal and is probably in the best shape of his life. Last year when previewing every player on the team I said did not know what role Monroe will have but he’d make a monster shot in our run to fulfill the Crier Prophecy and make the Final Four. While that prediction wasn’t looking good, we now never know the answer, thanks COVID. For this upcoming season again I’ll tell you I have no clue what to expect from Monroe but I can say with confidence he has put in the work to be a contributor this season.

Ok the T-Wolves are on the clock.

-The Crier

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