Corey Floyd Jr Top 7 – Analyzing the Finalists

Corey Floyd Jr, a 2022 combo guard from Roselle Catholic (NJ), released his final 7 with Providence squarely in the mix. For those who don’t know, Floyd’s father played at Providence in the 90’s. This in should certainly help with the Friars, but it will be a fight to win his recruitment.

We analyzed Floyd’s game in this article here

The final 7 are as follows (in no order): Providence, Miami, Wake Forest, UCONN, Rutgers, Auburn, Florida.

The in-state Rutgers should be seen as a serious threat. Rutgers has appeal as the local school and should have a historically good season this upcoming season. Additionally, Roselle Catholic sent big man Cliff Omoyuri to Rutgers last year. The big man was one of the biggest recruiting wins in Rutgers history, and I’m sure that familiarity will be a selling point.

UCONN is another big threat. Hurley has deep ties to the NJ high school scene and now can additionally pitch playing in the Big East. The pitch of Kemba, Shabazz, etc. will appeal to a combo guard like Floyd Jr.

Florida is a unique name at first glance, but they have Scottie Lewis on the roster, a 5 star guard from NJ who played at Ranney. I’m not sure how familiar Floyd and Lewis are with each other, but I’m sure they know each other from the AAU circles in Jersey. That should certainly help, and it may be nice to escape the cold winters of the Northeast for Florida.

Miami has a lot of players in the Northeast and can pitch playing in the ACC. Same goes for Wake Forest and the ACC.

Auburn is a threat because well…Auburn and Bruce Pearl. Enough said.

If I had to handicap the schools in the mix, I would say there is a clear delineation between Providence, Rutgers, UCONN and the other 4 schools. If Reeves and Duke have the season we expect, with Bynum leading the charge as the PG, it’ll certainly help the chances of the Friars.

There is a lot of time left in this recruitment, but we like where the Friars stand.

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