Trade-A-Player: Pick One Player from a Big East Squad to Suit up for the Friars

The Crier saw this topic posted on Twitter, and we decided to entertain this idea for the 2020-2021 Friars.

It is important to note that you simply shouldn’t choose the preseason Big East Player of the Year if your squad is already strong in that position. So, while Zegarowski and Gillespie may be the choice for most teams, it wouldn’t really be pertinent to the Friars with their strong backcourt of Bynum, Duke, and (potentially) Goodine.

When really entertaining this, I think most Friar fans would say we need some more frontcourt help, and the only position that doesn’t have a definitive player starting there is the 4 spot. Horchler, Gantt, and Nichols are destined to battle it out for that 4 spot, but it would be nice to slide in a proven Big East player at that position.

My choice came down to two players: Robinson-Earl of Villanova and Mamu from Seton Hall. Nate Watson has the starting 5 spot, but he is more of a back to the basket, traditional big man. He very rarely ventures outside the post, so it would be nice to add some size and rebounding ability that could also step outside and make an outside shot. The inside-out combination here is very enticing.

For the above reasons, I decided to go with a likely surprise choice in Mamu. He is a perfect stretch 4 and can play the 5 if needed.

Honorable Mention: The goofy walk-on at DePaul. I hope he has 9 more years of eligibility

The Crier- BOC really made me do this on my Sunday. So I’m currently in a lounge chair by the ocean (humble brag intended) and have had a few beverages so we will see how this goes.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl does seem like the logical answer for the Friars. As BOC alluded to, Watson is a great offensive weapon in the post but his rebounding has been honestly just Okay. Sign me up for a guy that’s a walking double-double with points and rebounds. While this would be great, it’s basically a luxury and not entirely needed. Noah Horchler is known as a good rebounder so he should help Nate on that end. On top of that the Friars have always been a good team in terms of their guards and small forwards crashing the glass.

So BOC kinda stole my thunder but I think I’d initially take Mamu from Seton Hall as well. At 6-11 he has the size to bang with the bigs, and he also shot 43% from deep last year, albeit less than 2 attempts per game.

So… I am actually going to go a different route but a guy from the same team and essentially the same position.

Jared Rhoden is only 6-6, but was able to produce similar production to Mamu as a sophomore. I think Rhoden will have a big junior season and is critical to Hall’s success with or without Mamu (NBA decision pending). With either of these players the concept is the same. The Friars have had success with the 3 spot with a tweener, a la LaDontae Henton and most recently Alpha Diallo. Right now the Friars are relying on Greg Gantt to fill the role. While I have by hopes for the kid from Fayetteville, can he be trusted as a sophomore?

My honorable mention will also be a Blue Demon. First of all BOC, the walk on from DePaul has a name damn it. If you don’t call him Pantelis Xidias you may have to get the boot from the blog. My honorable mention is Charlie Moore of DePaul, no not the mad fisherman. If you aren’t from New England he is a Masshole that catches a bunch of fish.

So Charlie Moore should be a starter on most teams in the country but with Bynum being a pass first point guard, we’d have him off the bench. He’d be a scoring punch off the bench the Friars would love to have, filing in for Maliek White.

Ok I’m done here, time to beat my brother in cornhole.

UPDATE: Won the 3 game series 2-1, with a UConn guy no less

-BOC and The Crier

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