2024 Recruits I’d Like to See Providence Recruit

In the Version 2 of the 2024 Recruiting Primer (https://theprovidencecrier.com/2022/04/08/providence-college-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2024/), we put together a comprehensive list of players that the Providence Friars are recruiting.

In this article, I put together a list of players I’d like Providence to begin recruiting. They aren’t recruits I have seen tied to Providence as of this writing, but I’m hopeful that changes. There’s a rationale behind why each of these players are on this list: playing style, location, need fit, etc.

This isn’t a “wish list”. For instance, I’d love for Providence to land 3 Top 10 nationally ranked players, but that isn’t realistic. I didn’t include every single Top 15 player in the 2024 class. I tried to keep this as level headed as possible.

Without further ado, see below:

Liam Campbell – 6’4 Shooting Guard from Idaho – https://247sports.com/player/liam-campbell-46129296/

We went to the Idaho well for Drew Fielder. May we try to use the newly developed Idaho connections to court Campbell? It is not as if Idaho is a basketball hotbed, and these guys aren’t familiar with each other. Campbell has a few nice offers in Stanford and USC.

Providence needs more scorers, and this kid can score in bunches in the post, in transition, and from deep.

Moses Hipps – 6’3 Shooting Guard from Georgia – https://247sports.com/player/moses-hipps-46125751/

The state of Georgia has treated Providence well. Hipps plays at McEachern, where Alyn Breed played high school before going to IMG. Hipps is a combo guard that can fill it up from deep. McEachern traditionally plays a powerhouse prep schedule. Hipps is somebody I’d like to see pursued, as the Breed connection could help. It’d be nice to establish a pipeline there too

Steven Solano – 6’11 Center from NY – https://247sports.com/player/steven-solano-46127909/

Solano plays a position of need in a geographic area that is friendly to Big East recruiting. Solano also plays for the Dominican national team, which Cooley has used as a commonality with past recruits.

Solano is a wiry big that needs to grow and develop, but you can’t teach size.

Elijah Moore – 6’3 Shooting Guard from NY – https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Elijah-Moore-152917/RecruitInterests/

Moore is high school teammates with Solano at Cardinal Hayes. Hayes is a prominent program in the Tri-State that routinely pumps out D1 talent. Syracuse may be the team to beat here

Anthony Gilkes and Jahseem Felton – Southern California Academy – Combo guards



Why not go back to the well for Southern California Academy?! Two players that would fit a need and are likely familiar with PC due to the recruitments of Fielder, Santoro, and Dual.

To add to this, Felton hails from the Carolinas and Gilkes from New Jersey.

Godswill Erheriene – 6’9 C from New York – https://247sports.com/player/godswill-erheriene-46133070/

This big man hails from Long Island Lutheran. Anybody remember which current Friar played ball there? That is right. Jayden Pierre. He plays with a physicality in the post that I love.

Rakease Passmore – 6’5 Shooting Guard from North Carolina – https://247sports.com/player/rakease-passmore-46127481/

I’m aiming high and hoping that Battle can use his North Carolina recruiting chops to get his foot in the door here.

Juke Harris – 6’4 Shooting Guard from North Carolina – https://247sports.com/player/juke-harris-46135186/

Same goes here for Harris as it does Passmore. We allocate enough recources there to warrant taking a swing of the bat here. This will be an SEC/ACC recruitment.

Terry Copeland – 6’7 Center from New Jersey – https://247sports.com/Player/Terry-Copeland-46115478/

I see this guy and think about Ed Croswell and Dejaun Blair. He doesn’t have a ton of size, but knows how to work in the post and use his physicality. Bergen Catholic is academically a school that translates very well to Providence College, students and athletes alike.

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