Providence College Basketball Recruiting – Class of 2024

With the 2022 class all but wrapped up and Coach Cooley setting his sights on landing a nationally ranked Class of 2023 recruiting class and high level transfer class, we thought it’d be a good idea to inform folks of who Providence is targeting in the Class of 2024. While many years away, the recruiting landscape is making it difficult to land top tier classes unless you start recruiting kids at an early age. The list below will by no means be as robust as the list of offers and interest for the Class of 2023, but it helps ascertain who Cooley and staff are prioritizing.

One common theme I’ve noticed with these early offers is that the majority of them are “local” offers that understand the appeal of Providence and the Big East. I’ve been calling for this pivot to a recruiting strategy, so I’m pleased to see this transpire. I’m sure as more AAU tape comes out, Battle will extend some offers to North Carolina prep players, but Iโ€™d prefer the early offers come from areas where playing in the Big East is a big deal.

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Johnuel “Boogie” Fland – 6’3 Point Guard from New York, 5 Star Prospect –

First off, what a nickname. Fland comes from the high school basketball powerhouse Archbishop Stepinac. You may recognize that school name as Duke freshman AJ Griffin and UNC sophomore R.J. Davis played there. Fland is the next in line to be courted at Arch Step.

This is the type of recruitment where Providence gets in early and then gets the rug pulled out from underneath them at the 11th hour by a blue blood. Hopefully, getting in early compounded with the recent success of the Friars lead to Providence having a legitimate chance at winning this recruitment.

Andre Mills – 6’3 Combo Guard from Vermont –

Mills plays at Mass Rivals alongside Turkson and Teng, making the dynamics of each of their respective recruitments quite interesting. Mills is not as highly ranked at this juncture as the aforementioned two, but holds early offers from PC and Rutgers.


George Turkson – 6’6 Small Forward from Mass, 4 Star Top 100 Player –

You will notice that the early offers in the Class of 2024 have a regional flare to them. Turkson plays for Mass Rivals and has been on the Providence radar for well over a year now. Teammates with Kur Teng in the Class of 2024 in High School and AAU, Cooley is almost certainly pitching to the duo to continue playing together in college. Landing either would be a feather in the cap for the Providence staff.

As of this writing, Providence and Rutgers are out front in this recruitment.

Kur Teng – 6’4 Shooting Guard from Mass, 4 Star Top 50 Player –

Teng is bordering on 5 star status and has blown up on the AAU scene recently. While Turkson is more of wing, Teng can handle the ball as well as score with ease. Teng and Turkson would be the ideal 2/3 pairing in college offensive sets.


James Brown – 6’10 Center from Illinois, 4 Star Top 50 Player –

Brown earned an offer about a year and a half ago from the PC Staff, which speaks volumes to what they thought about his talent level almost 3.5 years before enrolling. Competition for this recruitment will be fierce, as many local mid-west schools will try to keep him closer to home.

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