Fairfield Game Notes and Analysis- PC Win 97-56

Friars get the win in their opener today with a 97-56 route of Fairfield at Alumni Hall. Nate Watson led all scorers with a 23 & 10 double-double, the second of his career. PC had several guys contributing today and look to be a very deep team. BOC breaks down his notes throughout the game


Jyare Davis Inactive – That is unfortunate as he would have likely seen minutes. Breed saw minutes as well

Gantt Starts over Horchler – We speculated that Horchler would get the start, but Gantt’s defensive prowess likely was the reason for the start

First Half Notes

Stifling defense on opening possession with a shot clock violation. This team will be a nuisance all year defensively. They have the skill on top of the depth to throw bodies at the opposing team.

Half court offense looked terrible before 16 minute timeout. This is likely attributed to time off and nerves

The Good (A lot) and Bad (A little) of Ed Croswell’s Debut. Good = monster on offensive glass and can finish around the rim. Bad = free throwing shooting looked suspect.

Player Comparisons: Ed Croswell = Kennedy Meeks; Allyn Breed = Chase Claypool; Noah Horchler = Zach Morris

Monroe with the help side block to prevent an easy bucket. It is those little things will get him on the court.

David Duke looks fantastic beyond the arc. If he can be a high 30/low 40 percent three point shooter, this team will go far.

Jared Bynum = Silent Assassin. I was thinking how ordinary Bynum’s first half had gone and then you see Bynum already tallied 7 assists in the first half. He may not ever have the flashy plays of Pipkins but he is going to lull you asleep and fill up stat sheet by game’s end. He is exactly what this Friars team needs.

Second Half Notes

Duke posts up for easy basket. His size and athleticism as a guard should allow him to do that all season long to those guarding him.

Monroe with back to back buckets. If he can bury it from deep consistently and remain a non-liability on D, he’ll earn his minutes.

Horchler has more tenacity to him than I anticipated. He will be a pest to opposing teams, and I anticipate will be in the mix for a few scuffles this season.

Duke was in foul trouble for most of first half and still puts up monster stats for the game. He’ll be on triple double watch all season long.

Three point shot of Reeves is so pure. That is all.

Two big line-up of Croswell and Watson. I was curious after strong first half if we would roll this out. This may clog paint offensively, but we’d be extremely dominant on the glass.

Things to look for in upcoming games

1. More Ed Croswell, potentially on court with Watson

2. More aggressive David Duke without foul trouvle

3. Cooley’s Rotation – Only players from today’s game that may get minutes shortened, in my opinion, are Breed and Goodine.

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