Crier’s Gambling Corner: Regression Towards Mean for Friar Lines?

Like most warm-blooded American males the Crier enjoys betting on sports. I’m often guilty of betting on my own teams because there’s no better feeling than watching your team win not only a game but you some money in the process. There’s nothing more the Crier enjoys than laying heavy money on the Patriots in the postseason or live betting the Celtics money line when they are down 20 in the second quarter. The same can be said about betting on the Friars but only if the line is right. So without further ado, I bring to you the Crier’s Gambling Corner, a recurring piece where I will tell you when to hold them or when to fold them in terms of betting our Friars. Let the Crier make you money Friartown!

Regression Towards Mean Coming For Friars?

In prior posts, I’ve brought up how the Friars have yet to really beat an opponent by a convincing number. The fact that they are starting three freshmen probably explains this team’s inability to blow someone out, even against the inferior opponents. While the Friars currently hold a record of 5-2 they are only 2-5 ATS. With this kind of record and the fact the Friars have proven they can’t beat anyone by a substantial margin we may see the guys in the desert lowering these spreads when the Friars are favorites and raising them as an underdog. PC was 14-18 last year, a far better win percentage compared to their current record ATS, so I expect Friar bets to start hitting more. It will be interesting to see how their current start ATS will affect future lines in the next few games.

Guessing The Line: PC vs URI

The fact that the A-10 is down this year and these URI Rams are absolutely expected to take a step back after losing Danny Hurley to UCONN would lend towards a higher line. However, given the Friars struggles to beat up on opponents and the fact that this is a rivalry game I expect this line to be small. I’m going to guess that the Friars will be 3 point favorites against Rhody and if it is 3 or less you know the Crier will be slamming it. The Dunk is going to be rocking Saturday, it’s a 5pm tip so you know Friar fans will be lubed up for this one so while I don’t expect a blow out I do see the Friars winning this one by at least two buckets.

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