Friars Strike Again: IU’s Aljami Durham to Transfer to PC

Ed Cooley said there would be changes this off-season and he is not joking around. Over the past few weeks we have seen Greg Gantt, Kris Monroe, and Jimmy Nichols all leave the program. The Friars then announced that Nate Watson and Noah Horchler would return. Yesterday they landed Jayden Epps, who will reclassify and enroll at PC at his summer. Today PC made another move as Indiana guard Aljami Durham will finish his college career in black and white.

If you remember Durham burned the Friars in Asheville back in November. He scored 19 points (3/5 3pt), grabbed 6 rebounds and added 3 assists to no turnovers. Durham has a ton of experience playing at both guard positions, he has good size (6-4) and athleticism that make him a good defender as well. Another trait of his is that he apparently is a great teammate and locker room guy. Check out this article we dug up from an IU blog.

Indiana basketball players say goodbye to Aljami Durham

Durham should be able to give the Friars good minutes at either guard position, which is huge. As you can see from this NCAA Tournament you can never have enough good guards.

It remains to be seen how PC will fill out the rest of the roster but one thing is clear. Cooley is trying to create as competitive an environment he can so that there is no entitlement for minutes, roles etc.

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