Friar Friday’s: Fingers Crossed, We Actually Play This Weekend!

In case you missed it:

Class of 2022 – All Things Friar Recruiting

Random Basketball Thoughts

– Tre Mitchell is the best player at UMASS since Marcus Camby. He is currently averaging 26 points/game, along with 8 rebounds/game. The Friar were involved, but if memory serves me correct, he had significant ties to the UMASS program. He may get All American looks at the rate he is playing.

– Gonzaga is getting a Top 75 recruit, Ben Gregg, to graduate from high school early and is potentially immediately eligible. What are we doing here, NCAA? A kid can be in high school yesterday and eligible to play the next day for a national contender? NCAA is a joke.

– Coach K proclaiming they shouldn’t be playing (after two losses in a row) due to COVID is classic Coach K. I foresee a back injury in the near future…

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