Thoughts From The Crier: PC vs Wichita State 11/9 6pm CBSSN

The Friars will look to start the season 2-0 when they take on the Wichita St Shockers in Annapolis, MD. The game is on the campus of Navy and is apart of the Vetrans Classic. The Friars are coming off a 77-67 victory over Siena, while the Wichita is coming of a SHOCKING opening loss at home to the hands of Louisiana Tech. Here are a few of my thoughts!

All-Name Team

One of the great pleasures in college basketball is some of the outrageous names of players you’ll come across around the country. In the Friars opener they faced a player named Sammy Friday, which quite honestly sounds like the name of some college white rapper. It’s only game two and the Friars are going to face a guy that will absolutely make the All-Name Team in the Shocker’s Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler. Come Again?? Your name is Poor Bear?!?! Why is the bear poor? Does the bear have a large family to provide for? Is anyone listening to me? The poverty-stricken bear only got 4 minutes last game and scored 1 point but he has an all-time name.

Friars vs Pissed Off Gregg Marshall

As previously mentioned the Wichita St Shockers dropped their home opener to Louisiana Tech 71-57. Shocker’s head coach Gregg Marshall isn’t used to losing this early in the season and he doesn’t take losing in any fashion well. Since taking over the Shockers in 2010 he has only lost 4 non-conference games and coming of a loss he holds a record of 34-10. Gregg Marshall is a certified psychopath and I would not want to fuck with him, especially if he’s already pissed. Just take a look at the photo evidence!


In the first photo we have Gregg Marshall all up in his player’s ass for doing something incorrectly. Honestly if I was in that player’s shoes I would’ve shit my pants. The second photo we see Gregg ready to rip this poor ref’s fucking head off for making an unfavorable call. From a talent perspective the Friars definitely have the edge but the Gregg Marshall effect is real and makes me not want to touch that -7.5 spread.

It’s early in the season and I haven’t crushed enough tape to give you all that much regarding this game, so that’s all I got. Enjoy the game everyone, be sure to catch my thoughts after the game and as always…


-The Crier

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