Transfer Portal Focus: Bryant Guard Charles Pride

To the surprise of many, Bryant Graduate Transfer Guard Charles Pride took a visit to Providence last week after a Zoom call with Kim English a few days earlier. As of this writing, Providence has only one scholarship available that is being held for a frontcourt player; however, a scholarship could open up depending on what transpires with Alyn Breed. Head Coach Kim English appears to be covering all his bases with bringing Pride on campus. This is good contingency planning by the head ball coach.

If a scholarship is to open, Pride would elevate the scoring ability on the Providence roster. It remains to be seen if Pride will accept a reduced role as a bench player on an NCAA tournament team like Providence or if he is looking to play major minutes at a power conference team that may have some holes on their roster. Regardless, Pride will be transferring up and would be a valuable addition to a vast majority of rosters.

Below, we break down Pride’s recruitment, his game, and how he’d theoretically fit on the Providence roster.

Charles Pride Recruitment

Pride is transferring from Bryant after a successful four year career. Pride averaged 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists last year on 45% shooting from the field and 37% from 3.

Rhode Island and Minnesota appear to be the front runners for Pride. Pride is coming off an official visit to Minnesota. Minnesota went 9-22 and is looking to add as many capable players as possible to turn the page on the last season. Minnesota is likely selling Pride on a starting 2/3 spot in the Big 10, which has to be appealing. Rhode Island likely has the same exact sales pitch, except for the fact they are in the A-10.

If a scholarship does open for Providence, I liken this recruiting pitch to a similar stance that Danny Hurley took last year with Joey Calcaterra, Neyheim Alleyne, and Hassan Diarra. He didn’t guarantee a starting spot, but promised a role on a Top 25 team. If English can get Pride to buy into a similar role off the bench and become a microwave scoring option that provides veteran leadership, this would undoubtedly improve the roster. It is a matter of what Pride is looking for in his final year in college.

Roster Fit

Pride adds a scoring punch to the PC roster. His junior year was statistically his best, where he averaged 18 points and 9 rebounds. He’s a big bodied 2 guard that players bigger than listed 6’4 frame. It’d be interesting to see how his game would translate to the Big East, but PC wouldn’t be asking him to do too much. If a scholarship opens for Pride, you can see him vying for being the first wing off the bench and averaging something like 15-20 minutes/game. If PC is as good as expected, a bench role on a second weekend NCAA team certainly has its selling points.

Also, Pride may think he is better than any 2 guard on the PC roster. These guys are all competitive and alphas in their own right. Even if English doesn’t guarantee a starting spot, he may work himself into the starting line-up. Pride is a career 35% 3 point shooter, and we know English is looking for shooters.


If we had clarity around the Breed situation, I’d feel much more confident about knowing where Providence stands in this recruitment. If PC were to add Pride, at worst they get a bench player who knows his role and adds some veteran leadership to the locker room. At best, Pride defies the odds and becomes a starting wing player for PC. There really is no downside to taking him as long as Pride goes in eyes wide open about his role.

Ultimately, I think Pride gets sold on playing 30 minutes a game in the Big 10 and commits to Minnesota.

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