Friar Friday’s: Recruit Cutting List, Immediate Eligibility Coming?

Another week of no commits in the 2021 class. Such is life in quarantine…

Darius Johnson Finalizing Top 3

Virginia PG will be trimming his list shortly to a Top 3. I anticipate Providence to be in that top 3.

Bryce Hopkins offered by UM

The Friars are big game hunting trying to land Hopkins. Hopkins has had zoom calls with Michigan and Kentucky, notably.

The secondary effect here is the UM and MSU classes filling up, leading to no open spots for Michigan native Legend Geeter (should they try to pursue him later on in the recruiting cycle). As odd as it sounds, Friar fans should continue to hope for both programs to land recruits so we can pull another Michigan native out of his state and to Providence. The last one who did this turned out okay…

Ayomide Crystal Ball to Memphis

This is only one crystal ball, but I never like seeing schools like Memphis, LSU, Arizona, etc. in the mix for a recruit we are pursuing. Besides the obvious insinuations I am making, Providence as a culture and campus couldn’t be any more different than Memphis, so I get weary that Ayomide sees the fit at Providence.

Eligibility for Everybody

It was a good week for URI, as the Mitchell twins and Jalen Carey were granted immediate eligibility. It appears everybody is getting immediate eligibility, which should serve us well for Brycen Goodine. I’d be shocked if the NCAA doesn’t give him immediate eligibility, as Boeheim has vouched for it, and he has moved closer to home. But, with the NCAA, you never know…

If Goodine becomes eligible, he will become a “super sub” in the backcourt, likely being first man off the bench for Bynum and Duke. Cooley has praised his athleticism and shooting ability, so it would be really nice to have him on the court this upcoming season.

Will Felton Interest

The big man from North Carolina is getting interest from the Friars, and I anticipate he gets an offer shortly. He has shown out in a few AAU tournaments recently, which has led to his rise in recruiting.

I’m in favor of an offer, as we really need to stockpile big men this cycle. If there is reciprocal interest between Felton and Providence, you go hard after him.

Breon Pass offer from Iona

If Pitino is offering a player, he has my stamp of approval. That is all.

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