The Providence Crier’s Way Too Early Big East Preseason Ranking & All Conference Awards

Michael is off galivanting in Europe, and we each wanted to provide some offseason fodder for the respective fanbases of the Big East. Below, we provide our way too early analysis of how the Big East will shake out and who will be the top individual award getters in the Big East. As it is about 6 months away from conference play, we are sure to be drastically incorrect in our assessment of the conference, but that’s what makes this exercise fun.

BOC Big East Conference Rankings

  1. Villanova – The Wildcats had a banner offseason. Unlike your typical Nova teams, the biggest concern is around their head coach. Even with all the injuries last year, the Wildcats drastically underperformed. That team last year was talented. They had no business missing the tournament.
  2. Marquette – Shaka’s insistence on building through recruiting classes exclusively paid off last year; however, a lot of Big East teams improved via the transfer portal. I think Marquette takes an, albeit small, step back.
  3. Connecticut – I had the Huskies lower than this until they landed Cam Spencer. They now have their Hawkins replacement who has shown he can do it on the collegiate level already. Even still, losing Sanogo, Jackson, Hawkins, Calcaterra, Alleyne is a lot for any team to overcome, despite their fantastic recruiting class coming in.
  4. Creighton – It pains me to think what they could be if Nembhard and Kaluma hung around. I will never understand those decisions when this year could have been “special”. When I say special, I mean national championship special. Creighton will still be a Top 25 team anchored by the trio of Scheierman, Kalkbrenner, and Alexander. They may be going under the radar due to the defections, but this is a team capable of running away with the Big East. There isn’t a better coach around than Coach Mac as well.
  5. Providence – This ranking is more of a reflection of how strong the Big East is than anything else. I think this Friar squad is one of the deepest and most talented teams since I’ve been following them, which spans over 15 years. Any other year, and we are likely talking about PC as the leader of the Big East. The conference is just that strong. Hopkins and Carter are going to carry this team with reinforcements via the transfer portal.
  6. Xavier – Losing Boum, Nunge, Jones, and Kunkel is a killer. This is not the year to rebuild your roster. Musketeer fans will say they reloaded, but I can’t see them hanging around the top of the conference with all of the personnel losses.
  7. St. John’s – I genuinely believe Pitino will make the Johnnies a Top 15 squad in the next 2-3 years; however, the media infatuation with the Red Storm this upcoming year is a bit much. This team lost almost their entire roster. Yes, they have star power in Soriano. Yes, Dingle and Wilcher were good lands. There are still question marks all over the roster. I need to see it first before I can put them higher than seventh. The preseason rankings having the Johnnies in the Top 25 is a headscratcher for me.
  8. Georgetown – I think there is a sizable gap in the Top 7 and the bottom 4 of this conference. I believe all 7 teams above will make the NCAA tournament, and the bottom 4 will struggle mightily. Cooley is building a formidable roster for 2024 and 2025, but this year there may be some growing pains.
  9. Seton Hall – I have no clue where to rank the Pirates. This is a team that I have circled that could make me look foolish and finish in the Top 5.
  10. DePaul – At least they aren’t in the basement?
  11. Butler – Butler seemingly lost their entire roster. It could get ugly in Indiana.

Preseason First Team All Big East

Tyler Kolek – Preseason POY

Bryce Hopkins

Joel Soriano

Baylor Scheierman

Justin Moore

The Crier’s Big East Conference Rankings

  1. Connecticut – The running joke within our Providence group chat is that Mike is a closet Husky fan (fan of the basketball program, not the breed of dog). This does nothing, but validate that theory.
  2. Villanova
  3. Creighton
  4. Providence
  5. Marquette – This should make the Golden Eagles fans happy with Mike.
  6. St. John’s
  7. Xavier
  8. Butler
  9. Seton Hall
  10. Georgetown – A spite ranking. I love it.
  11. DePaul

Big East First Team All Conference

Bryce Hopkins

Justin Moore

Donovan Clingan

Trey Alexander

Kam Jones

Mike pointed out on our pod a very interesting point: none of the players we picked for First Team All Big East are new to the conference. That will surely be wrong, but we don’t know who that could be (Dingle, one of the X transfers?).

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