Friars 3-0 in Big East After Impressive Win at Butler

Man do I love being wrong, sometimes. With the Friars starting a two-game Midwest trip the Crier was worried about Butler and Hinkle magic. Well these Friars showed early there wasn’t anything the Crier should worry about. PC used a 37-9 run to close the first half with a 28 point lead to defeat the Bulldogs 72-52. The Friars are now 11-3 with a fast 3-0 start to Big East play.

Devin Carter DominatesDevin Carter posted The Joker gif to Twitter a few hours before game-time, little did we know he was feeling confident tonight. Carter put together his best overall performance in a Friar uniform with 21 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 steals. While Bryce Hopkins has taken the praise as the prize Friar portal addition, and rightfully so, Carter has shown he was a massive get as well. In his last two games he has 41 points. We know Carter can play defense but if he can continue this offensive surge the Friars are super dangerous.

Ed Croswell Proves More Than Up for The Challenge Against Manny Bates- Going into the game we were concerned about how the Friars could handle a good big man like Manny Bates, well Ed Croswell decided to make a statement. The reliable Friar big man had a 15 point and 10 rebound double-double, his third of the season. Bates had his moments, 12 points and 5 rebounds, but Ed held him in check for most of the night. This has to be a huge confidence boost for Croswell as he has to go up against two more formidable frontcourts in the next two gameS.

Clifton Moore Shines off the Bench- Credit to BOC for suggesting on the latest podcast that Clifton Moore could be the first man off the bench in this game. He and Alyn Breed were to first to enter off the pine in the first half. Moore ended up leading the bench in minutes with 16 and he delivered. Cliff had 7 points and 8 rebounds, something thaf Butler just didn’t have off the bench. Moore had only played 14 minutes in his last two games combined, for him to come in tonight perform just shows that he stays ready to play.

Friartown knew this PC team had talent going into the year. During their 6-game winning streak the Friars are really starting to come together as a team. Ed Cooley’s portal additions were noted amongst the national media but they are might’ve severely underrated the adds. Carter and Hopkins both do things that you typically see in the association. Their games now are thriving at the collegiate level. You add those two guys with Croswell and Bynum coming together this team means business. Providence will look to ring in the new year with a 4-0 conference record, as they visit DePaul New Years Day.

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