The Providence Crier Attends Big East Media Day – Takeaways

On Tuesday, the Big East Conference hosted their annual Big East Media Day at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. The Crier was lucky (believe me…no pun intended) enough to be invited and attend the event for the first time. I must say it is truly a fantastic event with the “who’s who” of college basketball reporters and coach/player representatives of the conference in attendance. So, let’s dive right in.

Preseason Big East Coaches’ Poll

Rank TeamPts
1Creighton Blue Jays98 (8)
2Xavier Musketeers86 (2)
3Villanova Wildcats 85 (1)
4UConn Huskies77
5Providence Friars62
6St. Johns Red Storm52
7Seton Hall Pirates44
8Butler Bulldogs36
9Marquette Golden Eagles32
10Georgetown Hoyas21
11DePaul Blue Demons12
  • Creighton is deservedly at the one spot but if I were to make a list of how I think this thing could shake out my money is on Xavier taking the crown. That team has been full of talent, and they’ve collapsed like a house of cards at the end of the season the last three years. This year they return a ton of talent and increase their coaching chops by hiring Sean Miller. No disrespect to Travis Steele but Miller is the more accomplished coach, and he brings player accountability, something this team has sorely lacked. A team that has player accountability and playing with a chip on their shoulder from prior year failures is a team that I like. Yet, here I am pretty stunned the coaches poll pick them as high as two.
  • Providence is probably in the right spot at #5. They have the talent but integrate seven new players. While Cooley was able to get guys to gel/buy-in last season, we can’t just assume that happens again. Although I’ll tell you after speaking with the players (we will have those audio interviews on a future podcast), I get the sense that I may be overblowing chemistry as a potential hurdle.
  • There’s a significant gap in confidence from the coaches from teams 1-5 versus the bottom 6. Personally, I think you could make the case for Providence, UConn, SJ, and Seton Hall to either be a top half or bottom half team. As for Marquette and Butler, they could surprise, but who knows.

Preseason Big East Player of the Year

Adama Sanogo, UConn

  • Believe it or not The Crier has no qualms with this. Sanogo led the league in rebounding and field goal percentage and averaged 15.1 ppg as a sophomore, enough said. The league lost a ton of veterans from last year, and Adama is a beast in the paint. Remember folks, it’s only a preseason award.

Preseason Big East Freshman of the Year

Cam Whitmore, Villanova

  • Again, the Crier has zero issues with this selection. Whitmore is the only McDonalds’ HS All-American entering the conference. Although, surgery on his thumb could derail his bid. Could this open the door for guys like Jayden Pierre, Donovan Clingan, or Desmond Claude? We shall see.

Preseason Big East All-Conference Honors

First TeamSecond TeamHonorable Mention
Ryan Kalkbrenner, CUArthur Kaluma, CUChuck Harris, BU
Jared Bynum, PCRyan Nembhard, CUBaylor Sheierman, CU
Posh Alexander, SJKadary Richmond, SHUCam Whitmore, VU
Colby Jones, XUCaleb Daniels, VU
Jack Nunge, XUEric Dixon, VU
Justin Moore, VU
  • No issues with the first team, all these guys could easily find themselves on first team.
  • Kaluma, Nembhard, and Daniels could find themselves on the first team at season’s end.
  • Let me preface this with the fact Justin Moore is an outstanding player. However, the dude tore his Achilles in MARCH. He says he’s coming back by Christmas, but it is a serious injury, and I really don’t see it happening.
  • All the honorable mentions could find themselves on a first or second team.

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That’s it for our Big East Media Day recap. Check in with our upcoming podcast episode, featuring interviews from all Friar players in attendance.

BOC Commentary on Crier’s Big Day in the City

The Crier came, saw, and conquered. He absolutely crushed it yesterday and represented the Crier brand with a level of grace and professionalism that I could only reach in my wildest dreams.

With that said, I have one major gripe with his day trip. The Crier was waiting in the depths of Hell, I mean NY Penn Station, for his train back up to New England. Famished after an honest day’s work, The Crier needed nutrients to survive the ride home.

For reasoning I will never comprehend, Crier decided to get a deli meat sandwich from a sandwich shop in the odorous pit of Penn Station named Don Pepi Delicatessen. You’ve probably walked by it and wondered what sociopath orders a cold cut combo from there. You now have your answer, ladies and gents.

Yelp currently has Don Pepi at 3.5 out of 5 stars, which is honestly shocking. The Crier as of this writing hasn’t yet felt the effects of his sandwich, but I’m still on high alert. Everybody please routinely check on him over the next 48 hours to make sure he has survived this lunchtime disaster of a decision.

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