Friar Friday’s

In case you missed it:

Georgetown Recap

Seton Hall Preview

Seton Hall Recap

St. John’s Preview

Miscellaneous Providence Basketball Items:

1. Kalif Young Soars

So glad to see Kalif is doing well. Pipkins and Diallo got all the fanfare last year, but to me Young was the MVP of last year’s squad. The definition of an X-factor/Glue guy.

2. Friars play Gonzaga next year

Great to see Providence playing a team the caliber of Gonzaga. They’ll likely lose a ton from the squad this year, but will undoubtedly be a Top 25 program.

3. Rafael Castro putting in work before heading to Friartown

Shades of Jimmy Nichols here in this workout video.

4. Jayden Epps Mixtape

This guy is close to a must-land for the Friars, especially with Duke either leaving after this year or next. He can fill it up on the court, that is for sure.

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