Brycen Goodine Granted NCAA Waiver for Upcoming Season

The wait is finally over, as today it was announced the NCAA granted Friar guard Brycen Goodine a waiver for immediate eligibility after transferring from Syracuse back in March. I for one am shocked. Granted with COVID it appears NCAA will be handing out waivers like Halloween candy, but with our past history I wasn’t going to believe it until it happened. Ricardo Ledo never got a waiver for the Friars (while he attended several high schools).

The NCAA loves to adhere to their rules for smaller schools but have no problem bending for a Kentucky, Duke or Kansas.

Goodine never really had a shot to prove himself with the Orange last year due to being behind Jim Boheim’s son Buddy in the rotation. Considering he doesn’t have a ton of film from Cuse, let’s take a look at his high school tape.

Goodine has great size and athleticism for the guard position. He also seems to have good ball handling skills and a three point jumper to match. It is no wonder PC acted quickly to pounce on the Massachusetts native, as he committed shortly after announcing his intention to transfer. He gave us a glimpse of his athleticism this past 4th of July.

While Goodine now in the fold it gives the Friars much needed depth at the guard position. Goodine takes the pressure off freshman Alyn Breed and will allow Cooley to play small and roll out Bynum, Duke and Goodine at once. Hopefully we have a season this year and Brycen Goodine is a big part of it.

-The Crier

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