Thoughts From a Week that Was in College Hoops

  • Technically Grayson Allen was reinstated two weeks ago but Duke’s junior guard was back in the news again for shoving  an  FSU assistant coach during their loss to the Seminoles on Tuesday. The intent of the shove is debatable but what shouldn’t be a debate is the fact that him being suspended only one game was a joke. I don’t know about you but when I hear “suspended indefinitely” I think that it’s more then one game. Any other coach would’ve got slammed for the decision but apparently Coach K gets a pass.

  • Having said all of that I am ALL ABOUT the idea of Grayson Allen, he’s perfect for college hoops. The dirty plays, the theatrics, the emotional outbursts, the tears its all phenomenal. There’s nothing like Duke having an eviler Ted Cruz looking guard, that’s very good at basketball and makes everyone outside of Durham’s blood boil.
  • Last thing on Duke with Coach K taking a leave of absence the NCAA Selection Committee came out and said they’d take into consideration his leave for their seeding. I know they do that kind of stuff all the time but how many McDonalds All-Americans on your roster does it take for the committee not do this? Jeff Capel is plenty capable of coaching Duke and their loaded roster to getting some wins.
  • We move on to Kentucky who just added 5-star recruit Hamidou Diallo. Diallo decided to enroll early and started practicing with the Cats this week. I honestly hope the kid just practices there the rest of the year and then bolts for the NBA draft. Coach Cal gets enough talented players to come to UK. Am I still bitter about the Ricardo Ledo thing and want other teams to experience a player practicing all year then bolting for the NBA before playing a single game? Perhaps.
  • This Big East MLK Day Marathon is fantastic. The marathon isn’t new but used to be on New Years and moving it to MLK is a great idea. A day after all the playoff football there’s really not much on, so FS1 is really filling that void for me. Just went in on some chicken wings and that Creighton vs Xavier game that really lived up to the hype. Cant believe Gaston missed those two bunnies late in the game, and we thought Cartwright’s miss vs DePaul was bad. Still remain incredibly impressed with the Blue Jays, they lose their star guard Mo Watson to injury and could’ve caved in on the road but they didn’t. I firmly believe (if the Watson injury isn’t that serious) that Creighton can be a legitimate Final Four contender.
  • Lastly I was considering copying Russel Wilson’s “go hawks” thing by writing “go friars” to end every post in the blog. Then I realized taking a corny phrase and applying it to the team I’m rooting for is, well, corny.



Go Friars (just this once)


Also Friars @ Georgetown preview coming soon.

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