Crier Reactions From Mal Brown Scrimmage

The Crier made his way back to the AMP this weekend to catch PC’s Mal Brown scrimmage. It was great to be back even it was a few thousand below capacity to see the first glimpse of this season’s Friars. The team split into two with 5 guys playing for the Black and White teams with no subs. Team White featured Hopkins, Carter, Dual, Santoro, and DeLaurier, while Team Black had Pierre, Floyd, Gaines, Barron, and Castro. It was Team White taking the win 46-43, with them playing two 10-minute halves.

  • Oduro with Walking Boot– The biggest story of the day was probably who didn’t take the court. Josh Oduro, the 2x 1st team All-A10 forward, was in street clothes and sported a walking boot. Friar fans can take a deep breathe as per Bill Koch of the Projo it was just precautionary and he could’ve suited up. With two secret scrimmages, we will have to see if Oduro suits up in those contests. Until then, Friar fans can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Barron, DeLaurier, Santoro Show They’re Capable- Garwey Dual figures the freshman to get the most playing time, but the other three freshman showed their worth in this one. Santoro had 8 points and showed he can be a weapon from deep, connecting on a three and sinking 3 free throws after being fouled on an attempt. Barron started off hot and finished with 6 points. Eli DeLauier was the most impressive of the three. After reclassifying a few months ago and joining the team he gave great minutes with 10 points and 6 rebounds. While the team figures to have an 8-man rotation, it seems all three of the other freshman can contribute this season and are promising pieces moving forward.

  • Hopkins and Castro Have 15 points- Bryce Hopkins is picking up where he left off last season. A trimmed down Hop had no issues scoring at the rim, drawing fouls and even draining a three. He also grabbed 5 rebounds and looked all the part of a Big East POY candidate. Castro continued to show his development this off-season, being ultra efficient around the rim. Castro finished with 15 points as well on 6/7 from the floor.

  • Threes Were Flying- We all know Kim English likes his offense to let it fly from deep. Team Black had 12 attempts from three, while Team White had 15 which would equate to one half of basketball. The percentages weren’t great (25% Black, 33% White) but it seemed to open their offense for other avenues of scoring. This team plays with much more space allowing them to score in the paint or at the line as well.

We will await what the moles can dig up on the secret scrimmages. After those exhibitions the Friars will get going for real November 6th against Columbia.

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