Providence Crier Player Preview Series: Is Ticket Gaines the Friars Glue Guy?

On the August 30th episode of the Providence Crier Podcast BOC & The Crier drafted PC’s roster for our player preview series. We take a look at each player and what fans may expect this upcoming season.

Ticket Gaines has been closely associated with Kim English throughout his entire college basketball career. In April 2019, Kim English became an assistant coach at the University of Tennessee, replacing Rob Lanier, who had initially recruited Gaines to Knoxville. However, after two seasons at Tennessee, Gaines decided to transfer likely due to a decrease in playing time from his freshman to sophomore year. He followed Kim English to George Mason, where English took on his first head coaching role. Now, with English as the head coach at Providence College, Gaines has once again chosen to join him, much to the delight of Friar fans.

Gaines possesses good size on the wing, standing at 6-7, and displays solid athleticism. While not initially known for his shooting abilities in high school, he showcased significant improvement at George Mason, shooting 40% from beyond the arc on 3.4 attempts per game in the 2020-2021 season, and 34% on 4.4 attempts in 2021-2022. Additionally, he contributes to the team’s rebounding efforts, averaging over 6 rebounds per game during his two seasons with the Patriots.

The Friars are renowned for their versatile wing players, such as Tyler Harris, Isaiah Jackson, and Justin Minaya. Ticket Gaines seems poised to continue this tradition. In a team filled with offensive weapons, Gaines is expected to be the glue guy, providing timely 3-pointers, solid defense, rebounding, and occasional playmaking abilities.

Another noteworthy aspect of Gaines is his wealth of college basketball experience. Having played in 101 games throughout his career, including 53 starts, he brings valuable knowledge to the team. Moreover, his entire college career has been under the guidance of Kim English, making him well-versed in the coach’s strategies and expectations. This makes him a valuable asset to his teammates.

It will be intriguing to see how Gaines fits into the rotation. Regardless of whether he starts or not, he is expected to play a significant role, receiving ample minutes. His relentless effort and willingness to fulfill any role assigned to him will surely endear him to Friartown.

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