Will McNair Jr. Re-enters Transfer Portal

The transfer portal never sleeps apparently. Despite the school year having started and official practice right around the corner, we learned that Mississippi State transfer Will McNair Jr. won’t be suiting up for the Friars this season after all. Per Jamie Shaw and On3 the 6-11 265 lb center decided that he will re-enter the transfer portal and leave the PC program.

The news coming out late on Tuesday was a bit of a suprise. McNair was with the team during last month’s foreign tour to Spain. He played a pretty significant role during those three games averaging 9.3 ppg and 8 rpg on 18.3 minutes per contest. He figured to have a role with the team when the regular season kicked off as a guy who could log heavier minutes against teams with larger frontcourts. We discussed on podcasts on how McNair Jr. may have gotten some starting nods when playing the larger frontcourts on the roster.

While this may not be a major blow to the Friars, it does open up concerns regarding the frontcourt. Oduro and Castro are really the only true big men on the team. Castro has shown flashes over his first two seasons and during the team’s trip to Spain, but he isn’t someone who has produced at a high level in college basketball yet. While a jump in his play should be expected this year, will his production be enough? More important, can Oduro and Castro hold up defensively against the giants like Kalkbrenner and Clingan? I have my doubts about that.

With two months until the season gets under way, the Friars now find themselves in an interesting spot with two open scholarships left. One would think Kim English and staff will try to bring in another player for depth in the frontcourt. With players all over the country finding new homes this summer, it may be slim pickings for the Friars. They may need to get creative and find someone in the class of 2024 who is looking to get his college career started a little early. It’s not an envious position to be in but look for Kim English to have something up his sleeve to combat today’s news.

9/7 Update: With the DeLaurier news, I’d still like English to find a one year stop-gap that can give PC minutes at the 5. Even if this person isn’t a “Big East” level big, we need 5 more fouls in the frontcourt with somebody who can protect the paint and provide some much needed size. Simple as that.

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  1. Welcome back Mike! I don’t think this is a fatal blow to the Friar’s season. Kim will make the adjustment tout suite. I just hope that whoever replaces McNair will not be given jersey #15.
    I think Ernie D. deserves to finally have his number permanently retired!

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