Friar Friday’s: Big East Tournament or Bust

In case you missed it:

PC UCONN Game Preview

PC UCONN Game Recap

PC DePaul Game Recap

Providence Basketball Miscellaneous Thoughts

1. 2022 Forward Alex Karaban receives crystal ball to Indiana University – This isn’t a good sign. Cooley needs to hit on his primary targets in the 2022 class, with Karaban a definite Plan A recruit. Miss on him and Epps, and there is a big problem.

2022 Guard Options

2022 Recruiting Primer

2. Big East Tournament Holding 10% Capacity for Fans – Who is making the hike to MSG?! In reality will probably be a tough ticket to come across considering there are 11 schools with players families to consider.

3. Legend Geeter showing some bounce

It is fair to say Providence is going to need some on-court impact from Geeter and Castro next year. Allyn Breed has further proven the point that recruiting rankings are an inexact science, AJ hopefully Geeter and Castro can surprise. Early player comp for Geeter = Alpha Diallo

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