David Duke to Annouce Friday

ESPN Top 100 and Providence native David Duke announced on Twitter tonight that he will be making his college choice this Friday and will choose between Virigina Tech and the Friars. Duke visited Friartown this past weekend after canceling his visit to Villanova. The star guard visiting Virginia Tech the weekend of September 30th and went to the Clemson vs Virginia Tech football game, a game the Hokies lost 31-17. On the visit Duke met Virginia Tech alumni Michael Vick and Dell Curry.

PredictionIf you asked me this question 3 weeks ago I would say the Friars with a lot of confidence, that has since changed. Duke definitely appeared to enjoy his visit and Tech can offer some things, such as major college football, that the Friars can’t. I am also sure that former Mass Rivals teammate and current Hokie Wabissa Bede is selling Duke hard on Tech. So there are definitely factors that could sway him to Blacksburg but Im going to stick with the Friars. His friendship with AJ Reeves, the ability to play for a coach and person such as Ed Cooley and to play for his hometown has to put Friars over the top. So I will say he commits to PC but will be cautiously optimistic.

Whatever school Duke chooses the Providence Crier will definitely share his thoughts, so be on the look out for my take come Friday.

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