Big East 2021 Power Rankings:

Here at The Providence Crier we welcome differing opinions on all things Providence basketball and the Big East.

The Crier and I have separately put together a top to bottom ranking of the Big East, along with providing candid commentary on each selection.

Let us know what you think. It’d be great to read some other’s opinions.

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2021 Recruits I’d Like to See Providence Go After

It seems that Coach Cooley and staff have honed in on some promising 2021 recruits and have a clear pecking order for who they want to land. With that said, recruiting can be quite fickle, so it is always important for a coaching staff to have on their radar a plethora of player options.

I’ve done some research on players I want to see Providence begin to show interest in, as I feel these recruits would be receptive to Providence and playing for the Friars.

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Where Were You When?: The John Xavier Game

While we have been pumping out posts regarding the recruiting scene we at the Crier also like to have fun. BOC gave me a great idea for a recurring post for the Crier. We have personal accounts of some memorable games/moments in Friartown. We have had the pleasure of being apart of these moments one way or another and we should totally talk about it. So the first edition of this post we have a doozy for you. The John Xavier Game!

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Big Board Version 1.0: 2021 Providence Targets

Somewhere in the depths of Ed Cooley’s office at the Ruane Development Center he has a giant white board full of targets that him and his staff hope wear the black and white one day.

We did our best to replicate what we think the Providence Big Board may look like by accumulating a list of guys that PC has targeted. On top of this, we broke down their game, included film on said, listed other offers, and predicted the likelihood of them committing to the Friars. We will be updating the Big Board throughout the Class of 2021 recruiting season.  

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In Search of a Big: Friar Target Samuel Ayomide

Lost in the shuffle of the Bobby Pettiford Jr decision was an article posted by Dushawn London of 247Sports last Monday. It discussed the Friars targeting 2021 big man Samuel Ayomide. Ayomide is a 6-11 250 pound center from Malvern, PA and The Phelps School. There is a discrepancy amongst recruiting services on Ayomide, with 247 having him unranked while Rivals has him as a 3 star, top 150 player.

PC offered the big man back on May 21st and he currently holds 12 offers— Penny Hardaway and Memphis being the latest. He has already been to Temple on an official, assuming prior to COVID, and recently did a Zoom visit with the Providence coaching staff. There isn’t a ton of tape on this guy so the Crier took a deeper dive.

I was able to find Jerry Meyer’s (247Sports) evaluation of the prospect from 5/21, ironically the same day PC offered, and this what was written from their site.

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Building the Providence 2021 Recruiting Class

With the unfortunate loss of Pettiford Jr. to Louisville, I began an exercise to analyze, as of June 2020, what a realistic recruiting class can be for the Friars.

Scholarship Availability

As of today, there will definitely be 3 scholarships available for the 2021 recruiting class. Nate Watson and Noah Horchler will be out of eligibility, along with us not using the last open scholarship in the 2020 class.

I am of the belief this class will be a 4 person class. At first glance, you may ask how that’s possible given scholarship restraints, but so much can happen in a given year.

Here are some hypothetical scenarios to open up more scholarships:

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Friar Fridays- Best Thing in Friartown This Week: A Shoe For Shammgod

While my newest contributor BOC was getting all the hits for the upgraded blog due to his great, in-depth recruiting articles The Crier felt a little left out. Thinking of ideas for content outside of recruiting or significant news I came up with something. What if we had a recurring post about the best thing in Friartown from the previous week? Now this won’t be EVERY week because lets face it as great as Friartown is not every week there will be a story to willing to share. However lost in the shuffle of missing out on recruit Bobby Pettiford Jr was an amazing story and its regarding Friar legend God Shammgod.

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Latest Rivals 150 & ESPN 100 Class of 2021 Rankings: Providence & Big East Targets

This past week Rivals & ESPN updated their 2021 basketball recruiting class. It was surprising to see an update given there was no AAU season, which is where most of the evaluations take place. With that said, some of the evaluators may have gotten their hands on Junior year high school tape and tweaked a player’s rankings accordingly.

Some players of note for Providence and the Big East below:

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Who’s Next? Targeting the next PG Recruit for Providence

With Pettiford Jr. heading off to play for Coach Chris Mack and Louisville, it is time to turn the page, say our goodbyes to Bobby, and focus on the next Point Guard targets.

It appears that Bensley Joseph from Putnam Science Academy will be the primary PG recruit moving forward. Coach Ed Cooley and the Friar staff will be speaking with Bensley virtually later today, apparently.

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