Recap: Facebook Interview with Cooley and Driscoll

Moderated by Bob Walsh, this was a fireside type chat with AD Driscoll and Head Coach Ed Cooley on all things Providence basketball.

A lot of the talking points were similar to the podcast with Rothstein, but it was interesting to hear from Driscoll. Also, there were some revealing insights discussed below (UCONN and Recruiting, Potential downsides to Ruane, for example).

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The Recruiting Struggles of the Friars, Part 2: My Theory

The Crier earlier in the week wrote an article that claimed our lack of recruiting success this year is due to opposing coaches emphasizing Cooley’s dalliance with Michigan last year and how it potentially shows that Cooley isn’t loyal to the Friars (

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Where Do The Friars Turn Now? Point Guard Options

With Bensley Joseph committing to the University of Miami, Providence has missed on yet another recruit to an ACC program. If you recall, Providence came in second to landing a different point guard recruit in Bobby Pettiford Jr. He had committed to Louisville, much to the chagrin of Providence fans. The day of his commitment Cooley and Staff had a virtual Zoom meeting with Joseph, so it appeared Cooley was zeroing in on Joseph as the contingency plan.

Losing out on another point guard certainly stings, and it continues the trend of players committing to ACC programs over us (Thompson to BC, Pettiford Jr. and Wiznitzer to Louisville).

With Providence striking out on their second point guard recruit, where do they turn now?

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Updated 247 Rankings – Class of 2022 – A Northeast Feel

While Providence continues to pound the (virtual) pavement looking to get recruits in the fold with the 2021 class, they have positioned themselves quite nicely for several recruits in the Class of 2022.

247 recently updated their rankings for this class, and I’ve listed recruits of significance below. I’ve purposely not included certain recruits that we’ve offered that haven’t expressed interest in PC.

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In Search of a Big, Part 2: Friars Offer Jonas Aidoo

The Crier and I wrote approximately a month ago about Sam Ayomide ( and how he may be the successor to Nate Watson at the 5 spot. While Ayomide rightly continues to enjoy the recruiting experience, the Providence staff has stayed busy scouring the earth for their next big man.

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Trade-A-Player: Pick One Player from a Big East Squad to Suit up for the Friars

The Crier saw this topic posted on Twitter, and we decided to entertain this idea for the 2020-2021 Friars.

It is important to note that you simply shouldn’t choose the preseason Big East Player of the Year if your squad is already strong in that position. So, while Zegarowski and Gillespie may be the choice for most teams, it wouldn’t really be pertinent to the Friars with their strong backcourt of Bynum, Duke, and (potentially) Goodine.

When really entertaining this, I think most Friar fans would say we need some more frontcourt help, and the only position that doesn’t have a definitive player starting there is the 4 spot. Horchler, Gantt, and Nichols are destined to battle it out for that 4 spot, but it would be nice to slide in a proven Big East player at that position.

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Corey Floyd Jr. Offer – A Familiar Name

Providence recently reached out to 2022 New Jersey Guard Corey Floyd Jr. and offered him a scholarship. Does that name ring a bell? His father, Corey Floyd, played for the Friars for two years in the early 90s after attending a JuCo. Corey played sparingly during his two years on campus, but he appears to be excited about his son receiving a Friar offer.

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