Friar Friday’s: Big East Eve

In case you missed it:

FDU Game Recap

TCU Game Preview

TCU Game Recap

Reggie Bass, 2022 SG, lists Friars in Final 4

Bass, a Top 175 nationally ranked shooting guard playing in Tennessee, released a top 4 that included Providence, Kansas State, Illinois, and Oregon State. While Bass plays in Tennessee, he is from Indiana and played with another Friar target in PG Leland Walker.

There is a need for 2-Guard replacement after Reeves graduates (time flies, by the way), and Bass has the size to fill in.

Bass will be committing to his school of choice 3/19/21.

Jonas Aidoo Chooses Marquette

I’ll revisit my article on North Carolina recruiting for Providence with this miss. What is even worse is that Aidoo chose a Big East team not named Providence.

MarShon drops 60 in China

Even almost 10 years later, Brooks is a walking bucket. His NBA career may be over, but he is having an illustrious international career. I have fond memories of his senior year offensive outputs. Glad to see Brooks is doing well.

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