Friar Friday’s: Decisions Looming, Update to Maui

In case you missed it:

Rivals Class of 2021 Rankings update:

Legend Geeter Commitment Analysis:

PC Recruiting – Who is Next?

Darius Johnson Committing October 1st

Virginia 4 star PG Darius Johnson is going to choose between Alabama, UCF, and Providence on October 1st. We wrote about his finalists here (

Another very interesting dynamic here is that Pass and Johnson are both choosing their school within a 7 day period, with Pass committing on September 26th. I wonder if Johnson’s date is intentional or a coincidence.

Rafael Castro releasing Final Schools on September 19th

Castro, a Friar 3/4 target, is releasing his final schools this Saturday at 9pm. We’ll see if the Friars are still included given the commitment of a similarly positioned player in Legend Geeter.

2020 Maui Invitational – Location Update

With COVID still being ever-present in the world, the Maui invitational is still going to be held, but in a different location. The locations being considered are (wait for it) Ashville or Indianapolis. Rough sledding thinking about a week in Hawaii and you end up in North Carolina or Indiana.

Kyrell Luc Commitment – Holy Cross

Rivals AAU PG Kyrell Luc committed to Holy Cross this week. I’ve written a couple times about how I was curious if the Friars were at all interested if they strike out on DJ and Pass. Regardless, this is a huge commitment for Luc and the Crusaders, and I presume Luc will get significant minutes the moment he gets on campus. I’ll be tracking his career closely.

Brycen Goodine Waiver

The wait continues. There have been rumors of receiving the waiver to play this year, but nothing official from the PC Basketball program has come out. We’ll wait on this, but Goodine’s immediate eligibility will be huge, as he could spell Duke and Bynum at the 1/2 position.

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