Big Board 2.0: Updates to Providence Big Board

Since our initial release of the Crier Big Board, a lot has transpired regarding Providence recruits. Even in the COVID-era, recruiting never stops and is truly a 24/7 activity. Unfortunately for the Friars, a handful of recruits are off the board with commitments to other schools. Here is the first iteration of the Big Board if you want to peruse that ( Even in a pandemic, comparing the two Big Boards show how fluid recruiting can be.

We’ve updated Version 1.0 of the Big Board and present Version 2.0. We’ve augmented the initial version by including players where Providence has expressed interest, but has yet to offer.

We’ve also included a confidence meter next to each player’s recruitment, using a number scale to determine likelihood of them committing to PC (1 = no shot, 10 = lock to PC). It’s interesting how much Mike and I differ on our chances with recruits.


Point Guard

Need: With Bynum on the roster for the next three years, there isn’t a pressing need. With that said, it would be a luxury to have another true point guard on the roster to learn under Bynum. Also, it would be nice to have an emergency back-up plan should Bynum get injured.

Tyler Whitney Sidney – Committed to Lehigh

Bensley Joseph – 6’1 from Putnam, CT – 3 star Top 150 – Reported Offers from Georgetown, Iowa, Marquette, Miami, Penn State, Rutgers –

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – All is quiet on the recruiting front for Joseph, which concerns me. I’m hopeful with the Pettiford commitment, Cooley and staff have put the full court press on him. With that said, the PG offer to Darius Johnson may indicate they don’t feel too strong about Joseph’s chances of becoming a Friar.

Crier Confidence Meter – 4 – I always felt it was never a good thing that we set a virtual visit with him the day of Pettiford’s decision. On top of that I’m not so sure how interested the Friars are in the local product, as he has dropped in the rankings.

Here is a read on Joseph’s game:

Darius Johnson – 6’0 from Alexandria, VA – Unranked 3 star – Holds offers from Alabama, Florida, Seton Hall, Wake Forest, Georgetown – Providence offered on June 30th. Beyond that, we haven’t heard too much on this recruitment.

Crier Evaluation- Seems to have deep range and I really like how he plays down hill when attacking the basket.

BOC Confidence Meter – 5 – Just don’t have enough intel to know how much we are in this recruitment.

Crier Confidence Meter – 7 – Johnson hasn’t been on the Friars radar for long, but I can see a commitment here. The Friars have had success in the Virginia area in the past, and we know Cooley likes undersized lead guards.

Bobby Pettiford – committed to Louisville

Ryan Conway – committed to Seton Hall

Shooting Guard

Need: Not a need, but good to stockpile shooters and athletic wings. Likely will only sign 1.

Lucas Taylor – 6’6 from Wake Forest, North Carolina – 3 star Top 150 – Reported offers from Arizona State, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest – Uncertain on likelihood of becoming a Friar. Taylor is playing his recruitment close to the vest. Friar’s odds would have skyrocketed if Pettiford Jr. joined the fold.

Crier Evaluation- Lights out shooter, also has some athleticism. Be interested to see if he can create his own shot in college or if he becomes a 3 and D type guy.

BOC Confidence Meter – 5 – I’d put this much higher if Taylor wasn’t based in ACC country. Also, I know North Carolina is closely evaluating Taylor. An offer there essentially ends this recruitment.

Crier Confidence Meter – 2 – We seemed to really quiet down in his recruitment since the Pettiford decision to Louisville

Gabe Dorsey – 6’5 from Pottstown, PA – Unranked 3 star – Reported offers from Georgetown, Penn State, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Xavier

7/16 Update: Dorsey released a Top 8, and Providence was included.

BOC Confidence Meter – 2 – Until I hear otherwise, I believe Providence is just a placeholder in the Final 8.

Crier Confidence Meter – 0 – Crystal Ball has him going to Jerry Stackhouse and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Friars never seemed to be in this one.

Small Forward

Need: See above description of shooting guards. Likely will only sign 1.

Legend Geeter – 6’6 Small Forward from Michigan – This could be LaDontae Henton part 2. Friars seem to be pushing hard for him.

BOC Confidence Meeter – 8 – If Michigan or Michigan State hold off on offering, he is ours to lose.

Gianni Thompson – Committed to Boston College

Rafael Castro 6’9 from Dover, NJ – 3 star Top 150 – Reported offers from Dayton, Seton Hall, VCU – Uncertain around likelihood of him becoming a Friar, as of today. He had a Zoom meeting with the staff last week.

Crier Evaluation- Slashing wing who is very long. Defensively he shows the ability to stay in front of his man and then use his length to reject shots. Blocks shots and dunks with authority.

BOC Confidence Meter – 5 – Nothing really going with this recruitment, but the staff did have a virtual meeting with Castro.

Crier Confidence Meter – 5 – I’ll go with a 5 also because I have no idea what is going on with his recruitment

Casey Simmons Committed to Northwestern

Sean Durugordon – 6’6 from Putnam Science Academy – 3 star Top 150 – Offers from Arizona State, Seton Hall, ECU and others – Providence has yet to offer. I’d love to see an offer here because I think it changes the trajectory of this recruitment and also gives us a shot with Bensley Joseph.

7/16 update: Making an announcement in early September

Power Forward

Need: I think Cooley targets 2 players that fit the mold of the 4/5, with him ideally landing one stretch 4 and one true center.

Eric Van Der Heijden – 6’9 from Raleigh, NC – Unranked 3 star – Reported offers from Boston College, Marquette, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, Wake Forest – Not much out there regarding this recruitment.

Crier Evaluation- Fun player to watch, great shooter with the athleticism and ball handling to match. At 6-9 he plays more like a guard and he has got some swagger to him. Duke has yet to offer but he screams Dukie.

BOC Confidence Meter – 5 – Included in his Final 10, but his recruitment has been relatively low-key.

Crier Confidence Meter – 7 – Think Maryland may be the destination for EVDH but the Friars have got as good a shot as any.

Kuluel Mading – 6’9 from Burlington, NC – Unranked 3 star – Reported offers from Clemson and Elon – Another N.C. player with the recruitment close to his vest.

Crier Evaluation- Very long, with good athleticism & shooting stroke. In the words of Rasheed Wallace he’s real paper thin.

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – I’d put it between Mading and Ayomide as primary frontcourt targets. If Mading wasn’t from North Carolina, I’d feel better about this recruitment. I’m scarred from the Wiznitzer and Pettiford recruitment, clearly.

Crier Confidence Meter – 6 – I’m waiting for Mading’s recruitment to explode in which case I don’t think we will win out but until that time I’ll remain some what confident.


Need: See above description of Power Forward.

Samuel Ayomide – 6’11 from Malvern, PA – 3 star Top 150 – Reported offers from Illinois, LSU, Memphis, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Temple, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest – One of the primary big men targets for Friars at this point. See in-depth write-up of Ayomide here:

BOC Confidence Meter – 6 – Ayomide’s PC offer is one he is highly considering. For all of the big men, I feel most confident about him.

Crier Confidence Meter – 7 – When I wrote about Ayomide when we first got involved what stood out to me was the fact Sam really liked that it was a small school. Although what concerns me is Big East foe Seton Hall seems to be getting heavily involved. 

Gabe Wiznitzer 6’11 from Chatham, VA – 4 star Top 150 – Committed to Louisville

Micawber Etienne 6’10 from Suffield, CT – 4 star Top 100 player – Reported offers from Illinois, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Syracuse, Xavier

BOC Confidence Meter – 1 – Nothing to see here until proven otherwise.

Crier Confidence Meter – 0 – Not happening

Tre-Vaughn Minnot – 6’10 from Canada – No offer yet but Providence, but Cooley is evaluating. He reclassified to 2021 class from 2020. I’d sign up for another Khalif Young no questions asked!

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