3-on-3 College Basketball Tournament Announced

The sports marketing company Intersport announced today that they will be hosting a 3-on-3 college basketball tournament during the Final Four. The teams have to consist of seniors who’ve exhausted their NCAA eligibility and the teams will be made up by conferences. The winning team, which will consist of four players, would win a $100,000 prize. The Big East team would definitely be one of the better teams in this year’s tournament, as the conference is loaded with seniors. If I was choosing the Big East team I would pick the following four players.

Kyron Cartwright– G, Providence

Trevon Bluiett– F, Xavier

Angel Delgado– F, Seton Hall

Khadeem Carrington– G, Seton Hall

You could also make the argument for having Marcus Foster of Creighton, Desi Rodriguez of Seton Hall and Rodney Bullock of Providence on your team. The Big East also has seniors JP Macura and Sean O’Mara of Xavier, Kelan Martin and Tyler Wideman of Butler, Jalen Lindsey and Emmitt Holt of Providence and Andrew Rowsey of Marquette. The Friars could field a competitive team of their own with Cartwright, Lindsey, Bullock, and Holt. I personally love this idea because it’s taking advantage of the increasing popularity of 3-on-3 basketball and it’s a way to allow student athletes to make some sort of compensation while they are still in school. It also gives college basketball another event to look forward to leading up to the Final Four.

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